Team USA Homers a Title

Adrian Rodriguez (12th), Reporter

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In a time where baseball fans wait for the regular season to start, the time for the World Baseball Classic has struck the world once again. Many countries continue to gain the same players from the last time(usually players who were born there or their families come from there), while many big league teams will not allow their players to go play for their country teams due to the fact they might get injured and not be ready for the long haul of the regular season.

The World Baseball Classic or WBC, started this year on  March 6, 2017 and went up to March 22, 2017. It was widely viewed and in many of the games, tickets were sold out. A major reason for this is due to the fact that the tournament only occurs once every 4 years (WBC was first founded in 2005). For two weeks and a half, all countries who participated would go on to fight to try to gain the title of “World Champion”.

Though many recognized the powerhouses in the tournament such as the Dominican Republic, Japan, Puerto Rico, and the United States, many underdog teams put up a good fight in which many did not see coming. A great example would be The Netherlands, as they would go on to the championship game but lose to runner up Puerto Rico 4 to 3.

For those who didn’t watch much of the WBC, you may be wondering, who was the winner of this tournament? No need to wonder anymore as the boys from the free and brave took the title. Yes sir, the USA national baseball team took it all and this is how they did it.

Through the first few games there was no need for the USA to play as many teams played for a spot in the qualifications round(USA had what many sports fans know as a “bye” and were already in the first round. Through the first round they would go on to pass their group with a record of 2-1. Their only loss coming to the Dominican Republic 7-5.(Yes, there would go on to be a revenge game)

During the second round, Team USA would again go the next round with a record of 2-1, only loss coming versus Puerto 6-5. To much of the surprise, it was Puerto Rico who gaining all the attention due to the fact they were 6-0 in two rounds of world baseball. Their hype would lead them into making the decision of dyeing their hair blond.(Not every single player and coach of course, PR’s manager Edwin Rodriguez stated he would only get in on it if they won the tournament)

Four teams left, one title it was all or nothing now as loser of the game would immediately be eliminated starting this playoffs round. USA would go to beat Japan in a classic nailbiter 2-1, and as stated earlier Puerto Rico would go on to win The Netherlands 4-3 in extra innings. The final game Puerto Rico versus United States, would PR go undefeated all tournament or would America become great again?

Shockingly, the game was over sooner than it had started as USA’s pitcher Marcus Stroman(plays for the Toronto Blue Jays) dominated PR’s batting lineup. He didn’t allow any runs and much less any hits, only a couple of walks as he was tossing a shutout. Though he would finally give up a hit and get taken out in the 7th, his teammates helped him out by bringing in runs to get the 8-0 win.

The first ever WBC crown for Team USA was finally brought home, in which USA’s legendary manager Jim Leyland dedicated to the Armed Forces in a tweet.

Team USA’s outfielder Adam Jones(plays for the Baltimore Orioles) was asked if anything had been said before the game and to be honest about it. This is how he responded, “ Well, before the game, we got a note that there was some championship shirts made — we didn’t make ‘em — and a flight … that didn’t sit well with us. And a parade. It didn’t sit well with us. So, we did what we had to do. Stroman went out there and gave us his all, the players they battled, the offense swung the bats, and we brought it home for the United States.”

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Team USA Homers a Title