13 Reasons Why

Karly Halsey (12th), Reporter

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The short series, 13 Reasons Why, was released as a Netflix Original on March 31, 2017. Within the few weeks that the show has been out, it has already become the most tweeted about show of 2017, obtaining over 11 million tweets since the launch. It has even received a rating of 91% by the rotten tomatoes tomatometer, and an 88% audience score.

The show follows the plot closely towards Jay Asher’s novel, which was published in 2007. It vividly depicts the life of one of the main characters, Hannah Baker, who had committed suicide and left behind seven cassette tapes, with each side being dedicated to a new person, explaining how they are all each a cause that lead up to her death.

Throughout the show, the audience follows the characters, specifically Clay Jensen, who is the eleventh person to receive the tapes, as he listens to each person’s story and retraces the events as Hannah told them, while putting the pieces together to learn why she did what she did. The directors portrayed this through scenes of flashbacks and reality, as the characters are reminded what harsh things they did to Hannah and how they are coping with her death and their guilt.

The series portrays a good message towards its audience and really sets a mindset to pay attention to your words and actions and to think about how they can affect others as it sends a rush of all sorts of emotions towards the viewers. However, one strange thing about the show is that the characters seemed to care more about keeping the tapes a secret rather than owning up to their own mistakes.


Although the show was very interesting, it is not something for young teens or children to watch as it deals with very serious and dark issues that are displayed with many scenes containing harsh graphics, language, violence, etc.

The darkness even goes so far as to be considered potentially dangerous to young viewers, as showing graphic images of suicide can possibly lead to others mimicking this act, also known as suicide contagion. According to The Spokesman Review, some suicide prevention experts say that the series could possibly do more harm than good. Whether this is true or not can’t exactly be proved, however it is encouraged for parents to show concerns towards their young.

A second season is bound to be filmed, as the series ends with many open ended questions and thoughts from the viewers. However, this could potentially distract the viewers from the true message of the story.

Regardless, Thirteen Reasons Why is a must watch show.


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13 Reasons Why