Rylee Moore (12th), Reporter

Just last year, Turlock High students started the annual  tradition of “Anti-Prom”, a non-school affiliated prom held on the property of a student host, strictly for juniors and seniors. This year, Pitman students will be joining in on the tradition.

While the exact location has yet to be announced to the public, we do know it will be held in Hickman on May 20, after the seniors’ last day of school- a great way to bring the school year to a close. Couple’s tickets are $45 and singles tickets are $25. The event will commence at 9 pm that night and is set to end around midnight.

Initially, students organized the event following THS administration’s plan to enforce new rules and regulations for prom that were widely unpopular and slightly harsher than usual, including an even stricter dress code and a more severe punishment for students found “dancing inappropriately”. Many students ended up attending both proms last year, but anti-prom was so popular that the tradition stuck even after the new rules were softened a little. The event has been in the works for months, since almost the start of the school year.

Those who organized anti-prom this year also posted a set of rules of their that are to be followed by everyone attending, including a dress code and a ban on drugs or alcohol of any kind. This is to ensure that the event is taken seriously, the host’s property is respected, and students can continue this tradition in the years to come without interference.

“I think it’s cool to have something so inclusive, that people from both schools can attend without feeling like an outsider. It’s a good way for seniors especially to have one last hurrah together. It’s not something I’ve seen before, and I’m very proud of the girls who were able to organize it. It’s also impressive that a group of students could put something like this without the school’s help and that they were able to put it on again this year. I’m really excited and think it will be one of my fondest high school memories. I’m also excited about the DJ they selected” mused senior, Linda Safer

It’s not too late to buy your tickets!