Once Again, a San Bernardino Shooting

Alaura Lucero (9th), Reporter

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Monday morning at North Park Elementary school in San Bernardino, fifty three year old Cedric Anderson of Riverside, California came to the campus as a visitor. He then entered his wife’s, karen elaine smith fifty three years old, special ed classroom and without saying a word began to open fire with a large caliber revolver.

Anderson shot his estranged wife and two students standing behind her, eight year old Johnathan Martinez, and nine year old students name who hasn’t been released. Anderson then shot himself. Martinez died on his way to the way to the hospital and the nine year old as of Monday evening was in stable conditions. Police do not believe the children were targeted but only shot because they were standing behind the teacher.

San Bernardino Police sheriff, John McMahon, tweeted, “We had over seventy deputies respond to Northpark Elementary and our aviation crew transported the young boy. We are sorry we couldn’t do more.”

Smith and Anderson had been married since January, and had been already separated a couple weeks before Monday’s incident.

The students were evacuated and reunited with their parents at Cajon High School. “I fell to my knees and saying Our Fathers and Hail Marys….I’m gonna hug her… I’m gonna hug her. I hope she is OK.” said Brad Hendran while looking for his daughter who is second grade.

Police chief said Anderson, “Does have a criminal record.” Court records showed that he had faced criminal charges of brandishing a weapon, assault and crimes against public peace and two petitions for a temporary restraining orders filed against him by women in previous years.

According to Smith’s mother, Irma Skyes, her and her family believed Anderson was a good person “Until they were married and he showed the other side of him. Which we had never seen before. He began to pick on my daughter and talk down to her, and they had dated for four year. After about after three weeks, my husband and i decided, you need to get away from him.” Stated Smith’s Mother. A few weeks before her death she moved in with her adult children to escape the domestic violence.

On social media Anderson Praised his wife saying “What i love most about my wife? Boy she makes me really happy.” and calling her an “angle”. This strategy of admiration and charm is often used by domestic abusers. An example of this would be when NFL Ravens running back, Ray Rice, when on an apology tour in 2014 after a video went viral showing Rice in an elevator knocking his wife unconscious. Rice laid on the charm when need most and even his coach said “I stand behind Ray. Hes Heck of a guy.”

This shows that when needed a person of domestic violence can put on the charm and make it seem like he/she isn’t doing anything wrong to their spouse. Domestic abuse can cause tragic deaths such as this one.

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Once Again, a San Bernardino Shooting