He Said She Said? More Like He Said He Said: Faze Banks VS Jake Paul

He Said She Said? More Like He Said He Said: Faze Banks VS Jake Paul

Kiely Macdowell (11th), Reporter

Well known Youtubers Faze Banks and Jake Paul have been neck and neck on social media, and it’s been getting dirty. Here’s the rundown.

Before all this drama between Paul and Banks started, Jake Paul recruited Alissa Violet and other social media influencers to be apart of a team , which has been named Team 10,  where Paul mentors and teaches how to become a good influence to their following, or audience.

Paul and Violet were rumored to be dating when Team 10 first started up, but they split during the summer of 2016 due to allegations that Paul was physically and emotionally abusive with Alissa. Now, how does Faze Banks play into all this? Him and Alissa Violet are officially dating, as of June 2017.

Jake posted a video August 18th with the title “My Assistant Was Assaulted..” in which he and his assistant, Meg Zelley, accused Banks of clotheslining Meg as she was walking and even holding her in a headlock- which resulted in Meg gaining a purple bruise on her neck. On top of those accusations, Zelley recalls Banks cheating on Alissa Violet with multiple girls at the nightclub.

In response to the accusations, Faze Banks posted a video titled “My girlfriend was assaulted..”, in which Banks expressed his outrage on the accusations and spoke about what actually happened, bringing in other witnesses that were there. Violet also speaks about instances where Jake Paul physically abused her and assaulted her, leaving her scars on her body.

Banks has been tweeting about the situation, along with Alissa Violet and Rice Gum.

One of many being, “There were 2 security guards at our table the entire night and the club was PACKED! Use your brain. If the situation happened as they described don’t you think I would have been kicked out? Jumped on by every guy in there? Recorded by someone? Think about it.”

But lately, Jake and Meg have been pretty quiet about the situation.

After the situation died down, Paul’s’ brother, Logan, posted a video “interviewing” Jake and Meg to which Banks responded with a tweet saying, “Uploaded a video just in response to Logan’s. Jake reached out through text and we’re gunna handle it in person, offline from here on out.”

After fans began speculating that Meg’s bruise was, in fact, fake, Meg recorded herself scrubbing at it with a makeup wipe proving that it was not makeup.

Bank’s final video brings in former Team10 member ‘WhoIsMax’, one of Paul’s friends who was there at the same club Meg was. Max describes the events from his perspective and says that nothing Jake and Meg said in their videos ever happened.

As of now, Banks claims the video footage from the club is in his favor, but he cannot release it due to legal reasons.