Pit Crew? More Like Lit Crew!


Kiely MacDowell (11th), Reporter

Friday’s game, September 22nd 2017, the Pitman Pride faced off against Merced High School at Joe Debely Stadium.

At the start of varsity’s game, everyone in the Pit Crew, spirited like always, had high hopes. But, throughout the first half, Pitman and Merced were neck and neck. The scores continuously teeter -tottered. By the time halftime hit, with Merced up by three points, the Pit Crew was still enthusiastic.

During halftime, the cheerleaders killed their performance and stunts to a mashup of some of the top pop hits. Merced cheerleaders did not perform, but cheered on our cheerleaders with enthusiasm.

After half time, during the second half of the game, Merced took the lead- continuously scoring and gaining yards. Even though Pitman was losing, Pit Crew still cheered on the players. ASB Presidents Ian Coelho (Sophomore) and Tyler Brackett (Senior) stood at the turf in front of the bleachers s, writing different chants on a big white board for the Pit Crew to read from and cheer on the players on with.

After Merced High continuously kept scoring, Pitman finally achieved a touchdown and the students in Pit Crew became loud with enthusiasm as our players continued to score.

With three minutes left and the Pride down by six, the entire bleachers on Pitman’s side  cheerleaders, students, players, and parents – were all extremely excited as they cheered and chanted the players on. Pitman scored two more times and the crowd screamed as the score was finally evened out. With thirty seconds left of the game, and Pitman up by three, everyone was on their feet, hopeful that Merced High School wouldn’t score again. Luckily for the team, the band, family members, and the student body, the Pride won 50 to 47.

Throughout the entire game, no matter the score, the prideful students continuously cheered on the football players and never lost hope in their team exemplifying the school Pride shared.