Are You Up to Date With the Hoopscoming Dress up Days?!

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Are You Up to Date With the Hoopscoming Dress up Days?!

Melisa Lanzar (12th), Reporter

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As the basketball season progresses, Pitman’s last game of the year is around the corner. On February 9th, the last game will be held against Turlock High School; prior to the game, Pitman needs to show its spirit for our basketball boys and spirit for our school the week of!

Taljit Kooner, a senior at Pitman excitedly shared “yes, I will definitely be there [the basketball game] with my friends. Catch me at the there! “The week of the Hoopscoming game (Feb. 5-9), Pitman has 5 dress up days planned to show our spirit and pride for our school! The dress up days each have various themes and are meant for the students to simply have fun and engage in school activities!

The first dress up day will be on Monday, February 5th. The theme for this dress up day will be ESPN Zone. On this day, the students can dress up as various professional athletes or even sport uniforms of their choice. We are expected to see many kinds of ideas and creativeness that the students form.

Tuesday February 6th, the dress up theme will be family board game. On this day, students will be dressed up as characters from popular board games such as Monopoly, Operation, Sorry, Twister, and many more. Students can dress up individually or with a group.

The third dress up days (Wednesday) theme will be video game day. On this day, students will come as their favorite video game characters like the Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Link, Pokemon, or any other genre of video games they prefer!

The fourth dress up theme will be Olympics day. On this day, Pitman students will dress up as if they are taking part in a sport in the Olympics; we’ll be seeing many interesting looks this day!

And for last, we have crazy spirit day on Friday which will be Pitman spiritwear themed. Green paint and glitter will be all over students faces and they will be representing our pride and honor!


The upcoming Hoopscoming week will be filled with many interesting and creative dress up days that our Pitman students are looking forward to greatly.

Taljit Kooner a senior on campus said, “ I enjoy dressing up because it shows my spirit for my school and dressing up is exciting, adding fun to my days at school.”

Gurleen Khella also a senior shared, “ My favorite dress up day is video game day because I’m looking forward to what creative ideas some people will create.”

STUDENTS: Try and take part  in the dress up days AND attend the game to show some great school spirit!! Roll Pride!!

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