The Student Spotlight Organization Is Proud To Present… Safa Arafet!

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The Student Spotlight Organization Is Proud To Present… Safa Arafet!

Anjali Badesha (12th), Reporter

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Alas the dreaded third quarter has arrived! The hustling, bustling hallways contain many students from different walks of life, who all share one thing in common: their faces depict the classic look one can only describe as ‘third quarter blues.’ Their visage displays the look of utter defeat as they trudge from class to class. Amidst the zombified children, however, lies one who walks about with the largest smile on her face. Meet Safa Arafat, whom the Roaring Times was lucky enough to interview.

Students and teachers alike can all agree that school can be rather difficult. Despite all of the struggles equipped with school, the lack of sleep and accumulation of stress, Safa has struggles of her own, of which not many can relate. Despite all of this the Roaring Times quickly found that not only was Safa the sweetest, most appreciative soul in the building, but she had a contagiously positive aura about her.

In 2017, Safa made a long journey as she traveled all the way from Turkey to Turlock. Language barriers were not enough to dampen Safa’s spirit nor did they prove to be much of a challenge for her. Her envious work ethic has made school a small hurdle in her high school experience. After only a year, Safa is speaking English like a pro.

The Roaring Times was, to say the least, unbelievably lucky to have heard of Safa from Economics teacher Mrs. Brem. Upon being able to conduct an interview with her, all could agree that the Roaring Times was absolutely blessed to have met such a beautiful human being.

Rather than introducing Pitman to Safa, we decided it would be much more of an honor to introduce Safa to Pitman. The Roaring Times was able to score an exclusive interview with Safa in which we asked a compilation of questions in efforts to get to know her better.

Safa is currently 15 years old. In that short span of time she has moved from Turkey and finally to Turlock.

She is not fluent in English and, though she is far too humble to admit it, is on her way to mastering the language.

Though she did attend school while in Turkey, which Safa states was “a little bit different” than Pitman, Safa shyly admits that she loves school here at Pitman so much more. “The teachers are so nice. The teaching is just… really nice. I like all of my teachers.”

Throughout the whole interview Safa’s radiant smile never once faltered, even though she was a bit confused by the interview.

Safa’s favorite class, by far, has to be “math with Mercado” although her favorite part about school in general was “learning English.” At this point, the Roaring Times members were clutching their hearts and continuously saying “Awwwww.”

With the aim of getting Safa to share anything she may have missed, the Roaring Times asked, “Is there anything you would like to add? Something that you would like the readers to know?” Instead or boasting about her effortless smarts or even explaining her difficult journey, Safa stated, “I want to say to everyone, thank you.” (At this point the Roaring Times was close to tears.)

Safa spent her five minutes of fame thanking not only her teachers but all of the students at Pitman. Safa possesses a personality that is so great, it cannot be expressed in sufficient enough words. She is humble beyond belief, thankful to no ends, and manages to cheer everyone with just her smile.

The Roaring Times was thankful, to say the least, by the opportunity to meet Safa. We are so lucky to have her at Pitman!

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