CSU Stanislaus Science Day


Melisa Lanzar (12th), Reporter

Science Day allows professors and college students to create fun and engaging activities for young and determined students ranging from ages K-12 to learn about the wonders and exciting innovations science can offer; CSU Stanislaus holds a semiannual Science Day which encourages young or old science interested individuals to explore into the realm of biolog and different innovative activities. Students are able to participate in multiple activities such as creating artificial lungs from a plastic cup and rubber balloons to creating feces from mashing up bananas and squeezing through a sock to mimic the function of the intestines, to learning about parasites that are present in our everyday lives, and so much more.

This day, coordinated and organized up by professors and students, is incredibly beneficial for these young students because it exposes them to the exciting side of science that traditional schools may not be able to portray during their lectures. We asked fellow pitman high senior, Amrit Hayer, if she personally attended the event and she stated “ I attend science day every year and I look forward to it!”

Through these hands-on activities and events, students get a first hand experience on how science is applied in simple everyday tasks such as observing the pH changes of sodium hydroxide and orange juice.

Events like Science Day are necessary to shape our community into a more successful and beneficial one because these students can take these ideas they learned on that day and explore it in more detail in their own schools and hopefully, when they enter the university level. University students share their passions to these young and motivated students and convince them to pursue a similar passion if they truly did enjoy it.

For example, one activity had a model of cow lungs where kids are able to step on a pedal in order to expand the lungs, showing us how our own lungs expand when we breathe in air and after they poked a balloon through a plastic cup and pulled on the balloon which shows how we respirate as well. When interviewing Gurleen Khella, one of the students who attended the event, we asked her if she enjoyed the educational event and she replied with “Yes,  I enjoyed all the labs and different activities, especially the one where you learn how to give CPR.”