Learning to Love your Local Library

Learning to Love your Local Library

Tim Sanchez (10th), Reporter

The Turlock Public Library is one out of the eight libraries in Stanislaus County area. Many individuals today, young and old, particularly don’t take advantage of the library. The library as a whole is a vast place where many can learn information in a traditional setting instead of by the internet. While the library does supply computers, try exploring the countless books, magazines or newspapers provided, for they can give further knowledge that the internet perhaps couldn’t tell you.

The library is a vast majority of knowledge at the palm of your hand. The endless possibilities gives you a unraveling feeling as you search through the books to investigate a topic at hand. Books, pamphlets, newspapers, and magazines give one that traditional feel of reading in the midst of a rise of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook.

It is the goal of some voracious and avid readers to devour every book they can get their hands on. If you’re a reader you should partake in the variety of books offered at the library, unless you have your own personal library at home. Many do not know that the Turlock Public Library also offers many other programs beyond simply checking out works of literature. These include storytime for children, classes on how to use a computer, and even extreme couponing classes! The library is a confined solitude built to your liking if you are willing to use it to your advantage, and explore the diverse array of options that are offered


This is a brief understanding of the libraries system of work. Though many don’t visit, it is a place of peace. One can only hope that individuals take more pride and energy in their public libraries. It is such a disgrace to see many people turn on books the way they do. A simple article can’t persuade you to go, you have to make the choice yourself. If you do, you’ll realize that the library might open up yourself to knowledge you never knew you had.