Third Quarter Blues

Anjali Badesha (12th), Reporter

Picture a roller coaster riddled with twists and turns. After a fast-paced ride with loop-de-loop after loop-de-loop, the roller coaster comes to a screeching halt. All unfasten their seatbelts and bask in the boredom. Eventually, a steel-gray smoke emits from the engine which envelops all occupants, leaving them with urges of procrastination and a feeling of utter defeat. The smoke, contagious of all things, spreads like the plague, draining its victims of all energy and enthusiasm.

Now picture that but instead of a roller coaster, there is a school. Everything seems to be so quick-paced and new and then all of a sudden, students are met with a screeching halt, brought upon by the third quarter.

The smoke, though not gray, is odorless and practically invisible. It, however, is not any less dangerous than the one emitted from the roller coaster. In fact this smoke, appropriately named Third Quarter Blues, affects not only students but staff members as well.

Come January, and Pitman enters the dreaded third quarter. Caught in between winter break and the long awaited summer, third quarter can drag on for ages sending the motivation meter to an all time low.

Though things may seem to be coming to a standstill, be sure not to unwind too quickly. In the roller coaster, for example, passengers were quick to unbuckle and relax, but were left unprepared as the roller coaster began speeding down to Fourth Quarterville. It may seem like a great idea to settle into vacation mood, but do not fall into the trap!

Though third quarter resembles the calm before the storm and though it may seem tempting to just take a dip in the water, you do not want to get caught up in the currents. Here are some tips for how to avoid those sickly Third Quarter Blues:

Take Some Me Time! Though it may be utterly tempting to procrastinate during these next few months, keep your breaks well timed. You’ve worked hard these past two quarters! Even science believes in taking little breaks here and there. Instead of completely blowing off all your assignments, give yourself fifteen extra minutes out of the day dedicated solely to you. Go on your phone, read a book, or stare blankly at a wall if you want! Just do not exceed the fifteen minutes.

Set Small Goals! Nothing is worse than not being able to reach your goal. In order to get over the third quarter slump, start small. Think of or write down one realistic goal you wish to achieve for the day. For instance, strive to complete the assigned reading for English or to finish that one math problem. Starting small might just produce enough motivation to keep those third quarter blues at bay.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up! So maybe today was not the best day and you did not get much done; it’s okay! As the brilliant Ms. Smith once shared: life is a ruler, and high school? High school only makes up about a centimeter or two of your life. Didn’t get much done today? You always have tomorrow. Do not beat yourself up over one lazy day, we all need those. Just make sure it doesn’t become a habit.

Above all, remember to stay positive! As corny and overused as it may be, it is the most influential thing you could do.  You have already completed two quarters, you CAN get through one more, no matter how tedious it may be. Good luck!