Infinite Theories for Infinity War (Spoilers Ahead!!!)


Alyson Berry (9th), Reporter

Marvel is an extremely successful company with very devoted fans, who love to watch all of the new movies and even predict what they believe might happen next.


In the most recent film, Avengers: Infinity War, an intense ending has lead fans to stir up theories and ideas of what the next movie may consist of.


Since so many heroes come together in this film, we all suspected a couple deaths, but when half of the Avengers ultimately disappear, it sparked a fire within theorists.


A big theory revolves around one of the heroes, Doctor Strange. Strange has the power to see into the future, so when faced with Thanos, the most powerful being in the universe, he decides it’d be a good idea to look at their possibilities of coming out of this alive.


He will share that out of millions of possibilities, the Avengers only win one. Later he will tell a confused Tony Stark that Thanos succeeding was, “the only way.”


This utterance has theorists believing the ‘one win’ that Strange foresaw, involves allowing Thanos to win, and possibly seeing that later on things would change and everyone would return.


Another theory is that everyone who is “dead,” is actually just trapped in the soul stone, since we aren’t sure if we ever see Thanos use its power. Also, in the comics, there is a world within the soul stone called ‘Soul World,’ so it is possible that everyone is trapped there.


This would mean we might see the ‘new’ Avengers, like Spiderman and Black Panther, work together for the first time to escape the stone, or we might get a throwback movie where all of the original Avengers, like Black Widow and Iron Man, work side by side to break them free.


Also, there is a theory that Thanos will ultimately just reverse everything, out of the love he has for his adopted daughter, Gamora. This seems unlikely to me because there would be no action in the movie if Thanos just simply undid everything. But, if this is the way everything is fixed, then i’m positive Marvel would make it action packed somehow.


Lastly, a theory suggests that the Avengers will travel through time to the Battle of New York, where Thanos first came into play. Maybe then they will find a way to take him out of the equation there, when he isn’t equipped with all of the stones.


Whether one of these theories are in fact the right one, or if Marvel is going to totally surprise us with something we never thought of, it is safe to assume that the next Avengers movie is going to be a great one.