Stan State Theatre Under the Stars: Tartuffe

Stan State Theatre Under the Stars: Tartuffe

Melisa Lanzar (12th), Reporter

Every year, CSU Stanislaus presents a complimentary play production and this year, they chose to present the classical French play written by Moliere named Tartuffe or The Imposter/Hypocrite.

This year’s Theatre Department production brings the audience  back to the 16th century with amazing costumes and intricate designs for the set up which truly creates the atmosphere for this classical comedy. Before we can get into the intricacies of the play, we must establish some prior history and knowledge of the play Tartuffe.

Molière wrote Tartuffe in 1664 and it had become a big hit. It was even featured at Versailles fetes, a festival of entertainment which showcased the play. However, right after the play become a big hit, King Louis XIV had immediately censored it, stating in his official account of the fete that “ although one does not doubt the good intentions of the author, even so he forbids it in public, and deprived himself of this pleasure, in order not to allow it to be abused by others, less capable of making a just discernment of it.”

The play is about Orgon, the head of the house who is blinded by his admiration of Tartuffe,and how his family is going mad trying to convince Orgon and his mother to unravel themselves under the influence of Tartuffe, a pious imposter who simply holds devious intentions. The plot entails the family trying to convince Orgon and his mother as evidence of Tartuffe’s deception exposes itself.

The play began from Tuesday, May 1, 2018 – 6:30 pm to Sunday, May 6, 2018 – 10:00pm. The location of the play was at the University Amphitheater open to the public!

We decided to ask Pitman high senior student, Elouna Ebrahimi, who had personally went and watch the play to give us some insight on her experience and continued to ask if she enjoyed the play. Elouna replied with, “I really enjoyed watching Tartuffe! Since it was an older play with intellectual dialogue, I thought I wouldn’t like it very much, yet it was hilarious and was very fun to watch!”  

Although many people would not have expected the 16th century play to have been very amusing, the audience was shocked at how hilarious and entertaining the play was. The actors recited each line fluently and poetically, as if they had truly become the characters they reenacted. Anybody can tell that this play was amazing.