Top Ten Gifts for Mothers!


Don Garcia (10th), Reporter

Mother’s Day may have just happened but that can’t stop you from still buying some more gifts for your mom or preparing gifts for next year. In this list we will have the top 10 gifts you can get to your mom.

Number 10: Flowers

Getting your mom some flowers is a perfect gift. Something good to go along with flowers is a nice vase to put them in.

Number 9: Candles

Good smelling candles that your mom can put around the house is a great gift to make the environment better.

Number 8: Kitchen ware

If your mom likes to cook or have nice dinners you should get her some kitchenware; things such as pots, pans, blenders, silverware, and dishes.

Number 7: Clothes

You can get you mom some nice clothes that she’d like. A dress, pants, sweaters, shoes, etc.

Number 6: Wine/wine set

In America a lot of moms love to drink wine, getting some nice wine or a wine set is a great gift for wine loving moms.

Number 5: Chocolate

Gourmet chocolate from See’s Candies or another chocolate company is always a good gift.

Number 4: Bedset

New comfortable pillows, blankets, and sheets are nice to have to match the room or replace old ones.

Number 3: Furniture

Couches, curtains, tables, dressers, and cabinets could replace or be added to the home decor.

Number 2: Gourmet Dinner

A five star restaurant with great tasting food can definitely make a moms day.

Number 1: A vacation

Take your mom on a vacation to a nice city or somewhere close to a beach and let her relax for a few days.