Advice for Lowerclassmen


Sara Mendes (11th), Reporter

Sometimes picking new classes for a new year is hard. I’m here to help all of you lowerclassmen. As a junior spending her second year at Pitman I understand the difficulties on picking classes or figuring out the classes that are necessary for college graduation, that is if you are considering going into college.

For freshman going into sophomore year I suggest some classes such as choir if you like to sing or band if you play an instrument already. I also suggest, if you want the challenge, registering for one or multiple honors classes like Honors English, Honors Math or AP European History. I didn’t take those classes but if you’re the type of person who likes a challenge then i suggest signing up for them.

There are also some classes like child development or life management and they are electives if you would want to work with kids in the future. Some of my friends have taken these classes and they loved it. Once you’re going into your junior year there are A LOT more classes you can take.  As soon as you get your ballet in sophomore year for your junior year, you’ll see some classes such as journalism, psychology, and photography.

Now journalism. It’s a really fun class, well if you like to write like I do. While journalism is a lot of typing, writing and brainstorming for new ideas which can be really hard, there’s also a lot of fun that you get out if. You may even walk out of the school year with a new best friend. I recommend if you want to get a new experience in writing, join because it’s really fun and you will  make a lot of great memories in it.

The next is psychology. I’m also currently taking that class and let me tell you, it will always have you walk out knowing or wanting to know something about the mind and the human in general. Mr. Searway is the teacher and he’s amazing. He does talk a lot but you do some really fun things in there aside from lectures. For example, our class just finished doing surveys and it’s a fun activity that involves the human body and the mind. If you want to learn more about how the body and mind work, I highly recommend this class. If you don’t want to take it your junior year, it’s also available your senior year so don’t worry if you don’t sign up now. I personally think journalism and psychology are some of the more interactive classes at Pitman.

Lastly, there’s photography. Basically what you would do in that class is learn more about editing and how to take really good photos, plus I’ve heard it’s a really fun class so if that is something you’re interested in go ahead and do it!

All in all these are just a few of the classes you can take. Just do what makes you happy and have fun and remember that high school doesn’t last forever.