Trump is Mad Again- This Time at Google

Tim Sanchez (11th), Reporter

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There is a major problem within the President of the United States and a world used browser. Trump is accusing Google of fiddling with search results to display negative news about him. In the search bar people are searching Trump news and coming out with mixed reviews or news.

Trump not only is calling the negative news against him fake news, but he also attacks Google by saying that they are quote “taking advantage of people”. This puts not only Trump himself, but his entire cabinet pinned up against CNN and Google. Trump brings a claim amongst the people by saying Google is rigged;  but other people have ways to prove the same point just not the way Trump thinks about it. Still the results are very difficult to prove if the browser has been interfered with or not

The left wing big tech companies have expressed views that completely go against the president, even though every person is entitled to their own opinion. Trump during his campaign called CNN “Fake News” and it seems that they are joining the assail on Trump. In search results as claimed by Trump and other republicans, Google is giving liberal bias and preventing conservative audiences from finding a voice.

Is this what we should call truthful news? In over a year the president has been faced with making things right with people who could destroy his reputation. Now that left wing politics and media expression have come into the picture it’s hard to balance that and run a country.

Taking a stand against the president appears to be a risk that not many people want to take. This is a reign since the beginning of the foundation of Presidency. The best way people have tried to make their voice heard is through the media.

Most supporters of Trump defend him the best they can to keep their jobs from people who oppose the presidents demands and ideals. Instead of turning back towards this mockery, the media has decided to pull forward. Google still has currently used their form of displaying negative news as their headline for their most recent posts.

Media has took a stand against Politics. There is a form of net that is assumes a name for this rebel against politics. It is called Internet Protest. The simple way to become involved in internet protest is exemplifying slander or attempting to make negative views against someone. Protest on the internet leads to an all out war against the people and the only way people could put a stop to this is to strike it in the way the person knows how.

This media problem has took a stand against the president but hopefully it doesn’t go farther than that. We have to watch for this common problem for it has now turned into negative media attention. America has to make themselves aware of the news that will mislead or alter the truth. This issue will soon clear up if the internet browser is willing to make it right.

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