Conspiracy Theories on the Government

Angeles Vazquez (9th), Reporter

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For those who don’t know what conspiracy theories are, its an explanation of a situation that invokes a conspiracy involving a harmful act supposedly carried out by government or other powerful people without credible evidence.

The government is and always has been doing really unusual thing behind our backs, and keeping secrets from us about unexplainable things. It’s like when you see something in the sky and the news reporters supposedly states its a rocket or something else to make it seem like nothing is wrong.

Now that has happen many times now and some might say there telling the truth, and some would say the government is hiding something more than this universe can take. Not all people believe in conspiracy theories and that’s ok because these are just theories and you don’t have to believe them.

Many people have stated to see something unusual and unexplainable and it has never actually been on the news and/or reported, if you want to see things like that, you have to look it up because no one on TV will say anything. Maybe that’s because the government told them not to say anything or else they will do something.   

The government is investing tons of money in mind controlling technology. For example, the government already researched a device that could beam words into your head or skull.  The report had said that with a special tinny microwave, this could be developed to where words could transmit to be heard like a spoken word.

The government is part of the illuminati. One reason many people believe this is because the US $1 dollar bill is to be some evidence of the conspiracy involving the founder of the United States and the illuminati. Many people have said that the government is part of the illuminati because their very similar in controlling any one they need to.

The government is germ-bombing its own people. One reason for this is that this was a practice they did during the cold war.  Another reason for this is in 1940-1970, America was a big germ laboratory, so it spreaded clouds of chemical over popular areas that America was vulnerable to a biological. Also in 1949 and 1950 the Army Special Operation and a U.S Navy ship released and sprayed bacteria into the Pentagon’s  air and in San Francisco Bay.

The government is slowly killing us with flu shots. One reason for this is that we have no idea what is in the flu shot. Another reason is that  flu shots are the only shot that they give anywhere in stores. This death shot could possibly be slowly killing people all over the world and we don’t even know it.

Many people will say all of this is false and that they don’t believe it and that’s fine, because there are just theories and that means they might not all be right. Even if you don’t believe them, they have some good back stories that make you believe they might be true. Conspiracy theories are very interesting to read about and it makes you think in a way you have never before. Again, these are just theories not facts, and hopefully the government doesn’t come after me.   


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