Dress Code at Pitman High

Adrienne Navarette (11th), Reporter

Every girl or boy who has been dress coded knows this topic all too well. The campos telling you to go to the dean and once you get there you have to change into something that the school gives you. All that I have heard from students who have been in that situation is: Is the dean really that strict? Is dress code that important to the school? Why do students have to change just to please others expectations?

I  have heard many rumors on how the dean was strict with dress-code and that was why students were getting dress coded more often this year. Our dean Tanya Wright was nice and uplifting on the topic, at least in my personal opinion.

She said, “ I am not a strict dean, I do not try and pick out others for their choice of clothing but it all comes down to modesty and respect.”

The main articles of clothing that cause issue are tube tops and halter tops which are regularly dress code enforced.

“What I think of those tops are safety issues. For example if students want to play a joke on a girl and pull her shirt down, the student would be totally exposed. Nothing covering her.”

This is a great point because as a fan of those shirts personally, I didn’t even realize something that bad can happen when wearing those shirts. To phrase things.. our dean is a very nice and outgoing woman. The way she gave her answers and the way she showed interest in  what I was trying to achieve, shows her true intentions; being that dress code is not to be rude or controlling but for the safety of others.

Usually in these situations,there are a certain amount of strikes when undermining the rules of the school.

Mrs. Wright said ,“ Well all misconducts are documented and saved, the first strike would be a warning then changing your clothes. Then the second and beyond that would be detention or work detail.”

This topic is helpful to student readers/parents. Only because I know students wouldn’t spend time out of their day looking for what is appropriate or not, even with parents.

This is also helpful to others because this is another way of getting the rules out there plus who wants to waste money on a shirt for school ;when you cant even wear it to school!Of course anyone can look through the student handbook and see what you can or can’t wear but the school has bent on some rules. For example spaghetti straps. It does state in the hand book that they are not aloud,but students still wear them or off the shoulder flowy shirts. I hope students who read this article really take into consideration of the rules and know the schools point on things.