Excitement for Fall

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Excitement for Fall

Harnaaj Bual (9th), Reporter

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The colors of leaves are changing from green to golden yellow, orange, red and brown. The days are becoming shorter and the nights are getting longer. The wind is getting colder and you are probably grabbing sweatshirts from your closet.

The season itself is somehow refreshing and making the most of it is something I strive to do every year. It can be hard to take advantage of the season, which is why I’ve decided to make a list of tips for making the most of it.

Eat some and drink fall favorites. Cocoa, Pumpkin-spiced lattes, Pumpkin pie, Apples, Candy corn. There are so many delicious treats flavored with fall. One of the best ways to enjoy the season is to literally take a bite out of it. Dig into some autumn favorites to embrace the season!

My favorites are the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Here are some tips to make the latte.

  1. Brew yourself some coffee or an espresso.
  2. Cream up your espresso or coffee
  3. Pour some pumpkin pie fill in the mixture
  4. Then pour in and mix the cinnamon and some pumpkin spice
  5. Enjoy and have the best time of your life!!

Break out the cool-weather clothes. Admittedly, my favorite part of the fall season is the clothes. The boots! The jackets! The sweaters! Early fall is the brief period of time when I’m not sick of donning a jacket and boots and I plan to enjoy slipping into some new fall favorites this year.

One of my favorite fall activities is taking a drive up a tree-lined street or going on a nature hike. To see the canopy of red, gold, and orange leaves is so enchanting.As soon as September rolls around, your taste buds will salivate for all things pumpkin. From lattes to ales, pies to waffles, everything gets a delicious pumpkin makeover. You don’t want to miss these seasonal delights.

Bring Fall in your home. Pick up small piles of leaves, a few pinecones and other symbols of fall, and bring them inside. Engage your creativity by using your finds for centerpieces, wreaths, scrapbooks and artwork. It’s a natural – and inexpensive – way to dress your home for the season. Pay attention to the smallest details of your surroundings, bask in the outdoors and participate in whatever brings you joy this season.

Its Holiday Season! Dressing up and acting like a child is one of the best things about the awesome holiday known as Halloween! Let loose and be someone who you are not on the night of trick or treat and ghosts and ghouls! Thanksgiving, also known as all you can eat day, is another holiday that makes its appearance in the autumn. It’s a time for giving thanks and being grateful for what you have and for helping the less fortunate.

Decorate the house. Each season has its decorations, so why not bring autumn to your house? Things such as owls, foxes, acorns, pumpkins, and leaves are great autumn decorations for your house.