Fun Facts with Loren!

Loren Bostrom (11th), Reporter

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Do you ever have that one friend who always has interesting facts to say? Sometimes you wonder how they remember everything. Knowing little facts is super fun, I love surprising friends with facts about life. Learning about how things work. When a conversation is boring you can spice it up with

  1. The Surinam toad gives birth through holes in its skin. There are small holes on its back where the eggs stay. The Gastric Brooding frog give birth through its mouth and swallows it. Could you imagine your mom having you by u just growing on her skin
  2. A raspberry isn’t a berry but a banana is. What classifies a fruit as a berry is the way it’s grown, if it is produced from one single ovary and has a soft skin then it is a berry. A pumpkin and watermelon is a berry also.
  3. An almond is a seed; not a nut. The difference between a seed and a nut is that all nuts are seeds but not all seeds are nuts. Exactly like how not all rectangles are squares, but all squares are rectangles. A seed is a part of the fruit while a nut is the whole fruit.
  4. Red doesnt get bulls mad. On a similar note to most animals bulls are color blind. The motion of the cloth or thing being waved is what angers the bull. Wouldn’t you be angry is someone was waving something in your face.
  5. Yellow makes babies cry. If you ever hear someone say that they are painting a nursery yellow, warn them. The anxiety center of your brain is triggered by the color yellow. More people are argumentative in yellow rooms.
  6. Almost all glasses brands,second most popular insurance brand, and stores are owned by one company, Luxottica. Instead of paying 280$ for versace glasses, you can get a pair of glasses from the same store for 50$. Luxottica pretty much owns the glasses industry. Delfin S.A.R.L. Is swimming in money.
  7.  In the Amazon River there are pink dolphins.The Amazon rainforest is home to over 10 million in the forest. The pink dolphin turns pink but is born grey. The pink dolphin was discovered in 1918. Dolphins also can blush like humans.
  8.  It is possible to have twins with 2 different fathers. If an egg gets inseminated with two sperm cells from two different donors it can  makes twins. The chances of this happening are 1 in 400; there is a .25% chance. Having these types of twins means they are fraternal.
  9. 9.)Racoons have human hands. Like how monkeys have opposable thumb, so do racoons! These littles trash pandas use their hands to eat and they usually wash their food in water. Even though racoons are perceived as gross they still have basic table manners.
  10. 10.)Pitman is as old as most of the juniors attending. John H. Pitman high school opened on August 26, 2002. A controversial football player went here,Kaepernick he is best known for his kneeling during the salute. Kaepernick is a big supporter of black lives matter and went here from 2003 to 2007.
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