Movies VS Books

Movies VS Books

Emily Ascencio (11th), Reporter

Every year there is always that one big movie that’s based on a book. It usually ends up making a lot of money no matter how good or bad the movie is. Most of the time the viewers who have read the book end up critiquing the movie for what they did wrong, but are the movies really that bad?

Some believe that these movies might not be as bad as they seem to be. They just seem bad because those who have read the book have a whole different perspective on it compared to those who haven’t read the book.  

If the movie alone can be great on its own then what makes people think that the book is always better?  

The audience wants the movie to be told exactly like the book. They don’t want the five hundred pages they read full of detail and insight on the characters to be crammed into a two hour movie. Their expectations are too high.

The audience feels that the author is losing their credibility and believe that Hollywood is ruining something that an author spent more time on to create.

For instance, take the book Eragon. It was a great read and the movie wasn’t too bad on it’s own, but those who read the book felt that the movie skipped over a lot of important pieces of the book.

The movie is not going to be exactly how the viewer pictured it. Everyone pictures the setting and characters in their own unique way. So when the readers see the cast for the movie or a preview for the film, they won’t exactly be content with what’s there.  

One of the most recent examples of this is for the movie adaptation of the book The Hate U Give. There was a lot of controversy and disappointment with the casting of Amandla Stenberg due to the fact that she looks nothing like the character, Starr Carter, does on the cover of the book. The author had no control over the casting which caused outrage among the fans of the author and book. The movie is set to be released on October 19th.

The script writing of the movie or visuals tend to bother the viewer. Sometimes, when reading a book one can get insight on what is going through a character’s mind but the script writing can ruin a character’s inner dialog if not done well. It could change a character’s perspective or pieces of the main story.

When it comes to visuals in the movie it may be too much for the viewer. They might overdo it and leave nothing to the reader’s imagination.

These are just a few reason people would believe that the book is better than the movie. If someone hadn’t read the book then would the movie be tolerable?

For an audience who hasn’t read the book, the movies would be something exciting to dive in to. They give the viewer a chance to experience a new world when watching the movie and eventually, if they like the movie enough, read the book the movie is based on.

The Harry Potter series is something everyone can enjoy even if they haven’t read the book. The movies alone were very popular which lead to bigger and better things for the author and the series.

Books are amazing, but the movie adaptations can be too. We should give the movies a chance because they could be something great even if they aren’t exactly what we imagined.