The Danger of Cell Phones

Nathalie Hernandez (11th), Reporter

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Cell phones the loves of our lives. That scary moment when you do not feel it in your pocket!

Or the twenty missed phone calls from your mom… These are all some scary things of cell phones, but there is more!

Cell phones have became something vital for human life in the twentieth century, one depends on it so much for different reasons. Calling friends, your alarm clock, your GPS, taking photos on a night out with friends. It has even been useful for work and education.  But with good always come bad…

Studies have shown that the health hazards accompanied with the use of the cell phone are: headaches, blurred vision, memory loss, and cancer.

Headphones and speakers have also been proven to be dangerous to humans because of the electromagnetic radiation emitted through the items. It doesn’t matter whether using the electronic on or if carried in your pocket.

Something really spoken about too was how dangerous phones can be when you take them with you to bed to sleep. A teenager in Texas was woken up by the smell of something burning and it was her pillow that was set on fire by her cell phone. The instruction manual of cellphones warns you  of using incompetent batteries and chargers that can harm your cell phone.

Cell phones can also keep you up at night time, and detain you from receiving the proper hours of sleep you need.

Cell phone addiction can be closely tied to social media something that has become common in everyday use.

Social media is another controversial topic that is quickly acquainted with cell phones. People spend hours on social media not communicating with others, and this quickly affects society’s mental health. Social media affects social skills, decreases productivity, and exposes too much information of individuals. Too add on cyber bullying is another reason the cellphone is dangerous, people act as people who they aren’t and cause emotional damage to others. The effects of cyberbullying are the lack of socializing with others, depression, and even the thoughts of suicide.        

Fernando Olivares, a Junior, gave his opinion on the danger of cell phones.

Olivares said some dangers of cellphones would be towards toddlers because they can be exposed to lots of negativity on the internet, and for their future. He added that a positive thing of cellphones would be that there is lots of learning apps and learning videos for toddlers.

Olivares claimed he spends around three or four hours during the week on his phone and six to eight hours on weekends.

With the use of cellphones and social media he gave his opinion on cyberbullying.

Olivares says he’s heard of cyberbullying but believes it’s messed up and an unacceptable way of bullying.

Olivares said he didn’t think phones are dangerous, only to those humans who don’t know how to use them properly it is dangerous. He says that phones are productive and they benefit you rather than hurting them.

It’s true that phones have become a vital almost necessity to present society. Phones can be really helpful but can harm us in various ways. Use your phone usefully but wisely, there is consequences to malignant actions.