UFO Conspiracies

UFO Conspiracies

Adrienne Navarette (11th), Reporter

If you didn’t witness it. It happened on October 8, 2018. A strange appearance in the sky shocked most Americans that could see it. It appeared to be some kind of rocket that duplicated into two and had a strange aura around it. While this event was taking place of course people who believe that there is extraterrestrial life somewhere; jumped the gun to assume what it could have been. Within the first couple of hours people had already made tweet threads on what it could be and what it meant for civilians all over the world.

I will admit.. Even I got a little nervous when i read what people were saying about this whole thing. Only because what they were saying actually made sense and the evidence was realistic. People who don’t feel very strongly about conspiracy theories involving this or conspiracies in general, will always say there is a reasonable explanation for why these things happen or defending what they believe in the truth in some way.  I asked Catie Smith about this subject and this is what she had to say. “I believe Aliens are real because of how big our universe is, if you really think about it. There is no way our planet is the only planet can support life, and if you think anything else your ignorant”. She says “ Aliens aren’t the little green guys movies illustrate them to be. They could obviously not look like us humans but they would look different, a little under developed or something.” “ When you think about it we could be the “aliens”  that other planets are looking for or create conspiracy theories about. We’re all Aliens.”

I personally agree with her and i am not the type to really believe in theories like this either but  I do feel the only reason people think UFOs and aliens or any kind of other life is fake or stupid to assume is only  because of how the movie industry presents them to the public. Another reason people could think theories like this are dumb to assume is because the people are afraid of what could happen if another life form is real. So the best way to deal with their fear is to just not accept it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

However there was already a post on NASA’s instagram, two hours before all of this started. The post had said that there would be a launching of their  test craft. They most likely posted this because the network did not want anyone confused or frightened, or could it be that the government is trying to cover something up?(@ the government if you are reading this,please don’t make me disappear. It’s just an article)Anyways this is not the first time of course that there have ever been weird or bizarre sightings of things people cant even explain. All throughout history, we have based ourselves on what others have explored or the knowledge they have shared of what  has changed our lives forever. What if this is another one of those possibilities?