What Do Students Do on Halloween Night?

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What Do Students Do on Halloween Night?

Nathalie Hernandez (11th), Reporter

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“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.”- Author Unknown

It’s dark outside and you start to hear screams! Yells and oohs and ahs are heard everywhere. Happy Halloween!

Finally the so long waited for event of the fall! Trick-or Treat!  For all the scary-movie lovers, candy, and cool weather. The breezy winds kick in and s’mores are roasting in the fire. Neighborhoods start to decorate there front laws and porches with Halloween decorations. Gooey blood drips from the patios, and bloody handprints on windows.

Although Halloween isn’t for everybody, some people due to religious reasons don’t go

trick- or treating. Some go to parties, watch scary movies, hand out candy or claim they’re too old to trick or treat. And for others they’ve been waiting for this event all year long…

Eden Franklin, a senior, said she thought that Halloween is the funnest holiday of the year. She likes to go trick or treating with family and after that she goes home and sleeps.

Her favorite candy is dark chocolate, and her favorite movie is a classic It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Franklin says there is no age specifically to go trick or treating on halloween.

Maya Kern, a freshman, said Halloween is fun but is a silly holiday. Kern’s plan on Halloween night is going trick or treating and then coming home to a delicious bowl of cowboy chili. She says it’s a tradition of her family every Halloween to eat cowboy chili.

She then goes trick or treating with her friends around the neighborhood then attends the trunk or treat at her church. The only type of candy she likes is chocolate and almond joy.

Her favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus! She believes if you trick or treat until out of highschool it would be weird but during it’s fine.

Austin Lobue, a senior, says Halloween night is cool but it also depends on what you do like trick or treating or partying. Lobue spends his night partying. He parties and dresses up. This Halloween he wants to dress up as spiderman, because no one knows who he is. He doesn’t want to be seen on social media so he dresses up as spiderman so no one can know who he is.

His favorite candy is the three- musketeers he says they’re so good. The best movie according to him is Friday the 13th. He thinks it’s up till the age of sixteen that you should go trick or treating but if you do it it’s okay, he did it last year so it was okay.

Some good Halloween tips are to stay safe and behave, Halloween should be fun not something bad. People sometimes like to check the candy they’re given and that’s a good idea. Preferably not to eat open candy or suspicious looking candy.

The weather is cool, the atmosphere is dark so I’d recommend you to stay inside with friends, family, or by yourself to watch some spooky movies, or a cartoon movie.

The Scary Godmother:  Halloween Spooktakular and some popcorn will never let you down!

Stay spooky and Happy Halloween Pitman!

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