2018 Harvest Bowl

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2018 Harvest Bowl

Tim Sanchez (11th), Reporter

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The Harvest Bowl is the game that everyone waits for. Between two teams of titans in the city of Turlock. This is considered the biggest game of the season with expectations built high on the sanctity of the teams. Turlock High School and Pitman High School are the ultimate powers in Turlock as far as football teams. The game in particular sells out of tickets quickly which leaves many of the fans who wanted to go to the game dismayed.

The Harvest Bowl is more than just a football game it’s a dispute in both Turlock and Pitman’s season. Turlock’s football record before Harvest Bowl was 7-3. Meanwhile Pitman maintained an astounding 9-0 mark with just one more they conquer.

Media and News outlets such as KCRA-40 wanted to film the game and do interviews with the students and coaches. Unfortunately Pitman lost to Turlock in Harvest Bowl 15 with a 33-0 score. Pitman fans still expressed their enjoyment in their school regardless of win or lose.

Joe Debely stadium, the home stadium of Pitman High and Turlock High School football held the fifteenth annual Harvest Bowl. The stadium was under preparation during the Harvest Bowl. Tickets in both schools sold quickly and after the 3 days in Pitman, the tickets sold out. Students were anxious to come to harvest bowl on Friday October 26th 2018.

Both sides of the stadium were full and the competitiveness was unraveled in the beginning of the game. Turlock throughout the game dominated defensively with Pitman getting chants and support from their fellow students and crowd. All of this just signifies that Pitman and Turlock are the more powerful from this extensive rivalry.

Pitman High School on the other hand was more of a expectant to win the harvest bowl this year. The team that could reign victorious in this battle of supremacy. After snapping a three year winning streak with Turlock, Pitman finally regained the strength and training needed to empower their school. Pitman fans rushed to the student activities office to buy their tickets.

Not only the students but also their parents and the public. Turlock with their extensive training routines and discipline were able to keep their football regime stronger. Football as a sport in Turlock is disclosed. There’s always going to be a battle about who’s the greatest. Fifteen Harvest Bowls, fifteen war of the schools, fifteen commemorations. Pitman and Turlock is a great feud to be remembered.

Although a shutout for Pitman and a win for Turlock High, Pitman managed to gain composure and confidence from preparation of the game. Pitman before the harvest bowl had dress up days while on Friday the school proceeded to promote spirit day. At the game Pitman was being cheered on and encouraged to make change in the game.

Based on the Pitman Mascot and others fueling the crowd. The Turlock Cheerleader did the same type of excitement with their crowd. Halftime was the in many students eyes the wildest of the entire game.

The Marching Pride performed and the Pride Cheerleaders also did a dance. There apparently as the band was marching out a disturbance on the field. A man running nude on Turlock’s side of the field. He attempted to run off but was apprehended by the police. Which equaled the intense part of the game.

Overall the game was a success for both sides and it gave Turlock another win. Turlock might have won the battle but Pitman won the war. The teams will only remain stronger until they meet revitalized and prepared in their later years.

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