Positivity Matters

Positivity Matters

Sara Mendes (11th), Reporter

Now I’m just going to come out and say it; I can be an angry person sometimes and no one even myself knows how to deal with anger, but I want to be able to help people if they can’t find an outlet to calm down. Anger is a terrible thing sometimes and sometimes it can be for zero reason:it will just happen. I want to start with some tips on how to deal with it easier.

The first obvious time most likely is vent or talk to someone you trust and hopefully is understanding like a best friend or a parent if you’re close to them. When I get really mad I do go to talk to someone like my close friends or my boyfriend and 80 percent of the time, it helps a lot. Now some of you may punch when you’re angry, don’t do that even if it’s something soft like a blanket or pillow, studies show it actually increase your hostility or anger that you have inside you.

Take deep breaths. When you’re angry, your body tenses up a lot and with deep breathing it teaches you to calm down your internal anger meter. Something you also need to learn is understand your anger and the whole reason why you’re mad. Always think of situations or even people that trigger you to make that anger that you have come out fully. I think this is the most obvious tip is never lose it, meaning never lash out on random people or people trying to help you out. It will only make matters worse than they already are.

You could also go for a walk and get some fresh air. I know when i’m mad i go on a ride on my skateboard. Listening to music also really helps. I mean obviously not screamo because that possibly going to make it worse. I listen to calming artists such as Daniel Caesar or Ella Mai because they have really calming voices but that’s just my opinion. You could also once your calm of course express your anger and why you were mad to the person. There’s so many ways to calm down from anger, but it also depends on what works for you.

Tyler Cannella (9th grader) has his own ways of dealing with anger that he shared with me.

“How I deal with anger is either through football or I understand that stuff isn’t really worth holding a grudge or being angry about little stuff that’s irrelevant.”

Everyone is different when it comes to anger. Me personally I have to calm down first because if I don’t, I will go off on someone and yeah that’s never good and it will just make it worse. I’ll also have to go on a walk most of the time because I do like getting fresh air and since it’s been cold, it’s been a lot better and I’ve been calming down faster. Cold air or even water on your face can actually calm you down faster because when you are angry you typically get very warm and to calm down, you need to lower your body temperature a little.

I hope that if you struggle with some anger issues that this was helpful and you try some of these tips.