Are Ghosts Real?

Angeles Vazquez (9th), Reporter

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For many centuries, no one has known for sure if ghost or any paranormal activity has been proven real. Many people have said to have experienced some type of paranormal activity, and many have said to never experienced it at all.

There are so many horror movies filled with paranormal activity and most of them say they are based on a true story. Some say they are true and some say they are false. Many say that the reason horror movies say, “based on a true story” is because it would make the movie scarier and scarier the movie is, the more people will watch it and think ghosts are real.

There are many sceptics out there that don’t believe in ghost or any paranormal activity. A reason why some people don’t believe in this, is because maybe there religion or maybe because they never experienced any type of paranormal activity. Another reason is because people that have tried to scientifically prove it, have said that they can’t.

Martin Anaya , a freshman at Pitman High School, stated, “ Yes because I’ve had an experience with one.” He also said, “ Yes, I have experienced something paranormal.” Then he stated, “ I remember when I was 4, I went to my grandma’s house and her backyard had this chair in the back. I would always see this sad little boy and I went inside and asked my grandma who that was in the backyard. She said, ‘who?’ Ever since then, she wouldn’t let me go back there.”

An anonymous sophomore at Pitman said, “ Yes, because I have seen and experience paranormal activities around me before.” They also stated, “ Yes, I have experienced paranormal activity.” Then they said, “ There was one time were I was about 5 years old and I went to the living room. I was the only one up that morning and I got bored, so I was going back to my room. When I was going to my room, I felt like something was behind me. When I looked back, there was a lady in all white long dress, with long hair almost covering her face. I looked forward and then back again but when I looked, she was gone.”

Zack Kary, anther freshman at Pitman, said, “ Yes, I believe in ghost because your soul can go into a spiritual state to watch over loved ones.” He also stated, “ I have not experienced any paranormal activity.” Then he said, “ When my mom was young, every time she went to sleep she felt a ghost or something watching her at night.”

Most people say they have experienced paranormal activity and some say they didn’t, but they still believe in ghost or spirits. I’ve even heard that the biggest sceptics have changed their mind because of life changing experience with the paranormal. So it’s ok if you don’t believe or if u do believe, we all have different opinions on the paranormal.

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