Entitlement Can Be Risky

Loren Bostrom (11th), Reporter

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The levels of entitlement in such affluent areas as Turlock is through the roof. Being raised with currency at ease around you can make you blinded to others struggles and make one expect nothing but the most and infuriated when there’s something less.

Spoiled child syndrome sounds like not a big deal but it can leave your child unsuccessful when they expect things without working. There are articles with the names “How do I unspoil my child?”

You hear many Baby Boomers and Gen Y people whine about how entitled millennials but it can be the fault of the parent. When parents let their child have everything they want it makes them just expect to have everything given to them. Don’t be afraid to say no to your child. You are the parent, even if they are your little baby you cant let them control you.

When you are given everything you want at a young age it can lead to depression later on because of how vast the difference is from childhood. This gives the child an overwhelming rude awakening. Millenials don’t know how to handle life on their own and that is at the fault of the parent. I know it’s wrong to point the finger but the job of the parent is to teach the child on their own but how is the child going to learn when they’ve been over coddled and given everything they want.

Living may be the easiest it’s ever been but when you are thrown out into the “real world” with everything handed to you except for basic life tools it leaves one hopeless. Millenials are one of the most depressed generations with around 47% being depressed it’s almost impossible to not point the finger.

It’s time for new parents to make the change, to stop coddling their children and let them learn how to grow up and move out when they become adults, but it seems as if parents do not want to make that change

. Kids are more spoiled now than ever. Adults whine about children having tablets and smartphones but who’s the one providing them? A five year old cant obtain a brand new iphone but its the parents who are throwing these things into their child’s hands so they don’t have to take care of them. Being raised by these objects is like giving a kindergartener cocaine. With these new technological devices it leaves the child with an addiction to instant gratification and a craving for validation.

Living in Turlock it’s crazy to see how spoiled kids are. I’ve heard people get mad at their parents for getting them the wrong car or phone. I think children should be less sheltered so they don’t become reliant and ungrateful when in reality we live in the richest state in the richest country in the world.

Technology and over coddling will lead your kid to failure. If you want your child to be successful when they get older you can’t be afraid to show them a taste of real life. You want to give your child the world but if you do it’ll make it harder later on.

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