Get Your Yearbooks!


Emily Ascencio (11th), Reporter

Yearbooks are something special that everyone should buy. Not only do they hold our high school memories, but they are carefully made by our hardworking yearbook staff.

Our yearbook staff is putting in a lot of time and effort to create an amazing yearbook for us to cherish for lifetime.

This years staff has new and old faces. Many freshmen have joined and learned a lot about the class. They are eager to see their work put out to the school

“It is a lot of work, but I do enjoy editing…it’s a great start since it’s my freshman year,” says Antonio Porana.

There are also many long time members in the yearbook staff who have a lot of experience in creating the yearbooks.

Long time yearbook members Addison Cook, Elyse Bucheli, Romy Lightner, and Amariah Perez explained the process of creating the yearbook and how long it usually takes.

“We spend all year creating the yearbook. We start off our year getting to know each other so we can work on our teamwork, but it ends around March,” says Addison Cook.

“You first have to design your pages and then you have to slowly get your pictures and the photos have to be edited…you have to think about what you want to talk about for each page. You also have to work on captioning and tagging people,” explained Elyse Bucheli.

The advisor of this class, Mr. Rosales, has had his own experiences with the class itself when he first started.

“I’ve been teaching this class for five years now. I would say this is the hardest class for me and also the funnest class…it can be stressful, daunting and I’m solely responsible at the very end for everything. I think the key is leadership and letting them [the editors] take charge of it,” says Mr. Rosales.

It is a very long difficult process to get these yearbooks out so we should show some appreciation towards the yearbook staff and thank them for the all the time and effort they put into this.

Make sure you order the yearbook so you can see all the pages these students work on for almost the entire school year.

This year Pitmans yearbook is being sold for $75 until December 21st. You may try to purchase one on the day they are distributed, but there is no guarantee you will get one. It’s best to purchase it before the deadline.

Many people usually complain about the yearbook not being worth buying because they aren’t in it at all, but that’s nothing to worry about.

The yearbook staff and advisor of the class, Mr. Rosales, guarantees that every student is in the yearbook. If the cost of the yearbook is problem there is a solution- you don’t have to pay all at once! You can pay in increments if you have a credit card. This way you don’t lose a lot of money all at once.

With that being said, get out there and buy your very own yearbook and show some appreciation for Pitman’s yearbook staff!