How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

Sara Mendes (11th), Reporter

Accepting yourself can be very difficult sometimes, especially if you’re in high school where people can be rude and have the need to tear a person down. I’ll admit it, I don’t necessarily like how I am, but over the past couple months it’s gotten better. Self love is something everyone should learn everywhere: at home, in public places, or even at school. I personally think that students and even adults are struggling with this problem and I wish that people could accept themselves more because everyone is beautiful in their own way!

First off what exactly is self love? What is the true definition? Self love is the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. In my opinion self love is accepting yourself in every way and being happy with that. I think this is very important to have for yourself because it’s going to improve with the right mindset.

Some ways to help you through this is to wake up with love and not technology. We’re all obsessed with our phones, computers, video games, you name it. We often forget to just realize that were alive and well. Also not putting yourself down every time you look in the mirror. Just learn to accept your flaws and know that your flaws are beautiful because they make you who you are as a whole.

This is going to take time and you can’t rush yourself by any means, that’s just gonna make it worse; trust me I’ve tried. Also, you can start by telling yourself positive everytime you see yourself in a mirror or just in general.

For example, say you’re at a store and you see yourself, maybe take the time just to say, “hey you’re cute” and keep going.

Also stopping the comparisons is a healthy start. You have to learn that nobody else on the planet is like you accept yourself and really the only person to compare yourself to you is you.

Sierra Smith, a junior at Turlock High School wanted to voice her opinion about why self love is important for you.

“Self love is important to have because it genuinely makes you feel better as a person. You’ll have not as much weight on your shoulders and it can just make you feel so much better as a human being. It also just helps your mindset and makes you think more positive, but it does take time for everyone to fully accept themselves.”

She also had some tips to help out any kids struggling with the problem.

“Learn to not take what people say to heart because I know from personal experience it just tears you down and you can’t let people get the satisfaction of that emotion. Also just learn to accept yourself for who you are and be happy with yourself and what you have because you’re beautiful in every way.”

Just remember if you’re struggling with accepting yourself, just try some of these tips everyday and just always remember to love yourself!