Helping the Less Fortunate

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Helping the Less Fortunate

Emily Ascencio (11th), Reporter

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Winter is coming and along with it is the cold weather and fun Christmas activities. Christmas is of course a very fun and festive time of year, but we should take some time to think of others as well.

There are many people all over the world who aren’t as fortunate as we are during the holiday season.

We should be giving a hot meal to the less fortunate, collecting donations for families and kids, and helping those in need no matter how far.

One of our very own Pitman High School teachers, Dr. Staley, made some time to tell her math students about a wonderful project that she has done for twelve years called Operation Christmas Child.

“We spend so much time and money on ourselves I decided to stop and reflect and think about how much we have reason to give thanks for and then think of those who can’t give thanks because they live in such poor conditions” said Dr. Staley

Operation Christmas Child delivers gift filled shoe boxes to children all over the world. You can volunteer to fill a shoe box with many different items that the kids might need. You can fill them with clothes, shoes, paper, pencils, flashcards, toys, and more.

After the shoe boxes are delivered you will be able to find out where your box was delivered and you will get the joy of making a child very happy. According to Dr. Staley many of her previous students continue to do the project every year.

“Every year I notice that the kids just love giving… many kids who once did it who have actually finished their degree will reach out to me and bring me their boxes or they do it where ever they are”.

There are also many other ways to help others this holiday season. You can visit your local homeless shelters and volunteer, you can participate in the can drive, and join Turlock together.

Turlock Gospel Mission is just one of the many shelters Turlock has to offer. They work 365 days a year to help feed the homeless and provide shelter for them.

If you are looking to give then you may give a generous donation to the Turlock Gospel Mission, but if you want to be more involved then they could always use more volunteer.

You must fill out an application and some information to volunteer and have your parents sign it if you’re a minor.

Turlock together is a wonderful corporations of businesses, organizations, churches and more that gets the community to work together to help families in need and deliver toys to children this holiday season.

You may request a barrel for your business, school, club, etc. to help collect donations. If you need more information then feel free to visit their website or give them a call.

Make sure you give this holiday season because that’s what it’s all about!

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