How to Deal with Anxiety

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How to Deal with Anxiety

Nathalie Hernandez (11th), Reporter

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Anxiety seems like a more common issue amongst teen now a days. What exactly is anxiety though?

Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, over worrying, or wariness of a certain outcome. And though there are plenty of different types of anxiety, there are many different ways on how to deal with anxiety.

Those who suffer with anxiety often feel overwhelmed so a tip I’d give would be to enhance and rely on self care.

Self care can be anything that makes you feel good- a break to reflect and take care of yourself and your mind. It could be eating your favorite foods, taking a bath, taking a walk, exercising, listening to music, watching your favorite TV show or even a funny video on Youtube.

Another good tip with dealing with anxiety is hanging out with your friends and enjoying yourself for a good while. Laughing, and telling jokes is always a good way to let go and forget about your anxiety.

With good friends everything seems to be better, so maybe you can talk to your friends. Hopefully, they can help you out with your feelings of anxiety. A true friend is always good to have in tough moments. They probably know you well enough to help you figure out what’s up with you and lead you onto a positive path.

If you have trouble talking to your friends there is always therapy, or your loved ones such as your family.
If you want to deal with your anxiety you’ll need lots of self motivation and self love. Books are a great resource to help you with this! There are many different genres of books with those going through the same situation as you- maybe the characters in stories can help you.

There are fiction and self-help books. Self- help books often help people out of certain personal issues and it can be a great way to help you into being calmer. As well as poetry books. Some good self-help books are: The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, The Four Agreements, and The Magic.

Another healthy alternative is to look towards exercise and fitness to help you manage your stress. You can dance, swim, take a walk, and maybe even jog. You can always look for someone to exercise with- maybe your friend is feeling as stressed as you, and you both can take a jog.

Overall in able to deal with anxiety it’s as if you have to face your fears and you will have to maintain a positive attitude. Managing your ways of breathing, and taking deep breaths meanwhile reciting positive self- affirmations to yourself.

Taking a break and giving the time to yourself is ultimately the key to coping with anxiety.


Getting off of your phone, social media, and doing simple things can help you a lot. Working to save up to take a roadtrip or traveling can get your creativity running and away from anxious thoughts. Or even starting a journal or diary to express your feelings is another method and is affordable.

The biggest step as well is realizing what may be some triggers to your anxiety or every day stresses. If none of these methods seem to be very effective for you, there is always medicine available but has to be prescribed by a professional who can assist your needs.

Just remember many have anxiety don’t ever feel alone…Patience is the key because big things like this take time. Self-care and relaxing are the keys to dealing with anxiety.

Stay positive and cope with that anxiety Pitman!

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