Doritos: A Battle Amongst the Chips

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Doritos: A Battle Amongst the Chips

Paola Angel (9th), Reporter

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Did you know that before the praised tortilla chips, Doritos, became famous they were once Disneyland trash? The history of Doritos dates all the way back to the year of 1955, when Disneyland was first opened. In a restaurant called Casa de Fritos, a worker there had the brilliant idea to fry and serve the stale tortillas that were normally being thrown away. They instantly became a hit so that by the year of 1964 Frito-Lay had taken them under their wing, thus Doritos were born.

Since then, Doritos have boomed and become a part of the growing success which has given Frito-Lay a $28 billion net worth. Ranging from spicy nacho to cool ranch, Doritos have evolved and adapted to the liking of their consumers. Currently with 18 flavors to choose from, it is obvious that Doritos do have quite an extensive menu, for chips that is.

Now for some, when they think of Doritos, the image that usually pops up is that of the original red bag, the good ole nacho cheese flavor. But for others that may not be the case. Let’s keep in mind that there are 18 flavors, so for some it might be nacho cheese but for others it could possibly be poppin’ jalapeño.

My older brother, Diego Angel, a junior at Turlock High School was very interested in the topic. After asking him a series of questions in regards to Doritos, his quite extenstensive response was,

“My favorite flavor by far are the classic nacho cheese. They are just so good because you can eat them with a sandwich or just right out the bag. I mean I would say Doritos are one of my favorite chips because when I usually have to choose between a variety of chips, they are usually my ‘go-to’ chip. As of being in my weekly diet, I don’t really eat Doritos that often but when I do, they get super addictive and I can never really put the bag down.”

I also proceeded to ask my cousin Cesar Oñate, a senior here at Pitman what he thought on the infamous chips.

“Honestly I don’t really like Doritos that much. They just aren’t my kind of chip. If I did have to pick though, I would probably pick the original flavor, you know the nacho cheese. A flavor that for sure would never be an option is cool ranch. Everything about those chips, from the smell to the taste, make me sick dude. That being said, no, Doritos are definitely not a part of my weekly diet.”

You see, personally I’m going to have to agree with my brother Diego on this one, nacho cheese is the way to go, definitely one of my favorites.  But at the end of the day, Doritos do find themselves with a lot of competition between themselves. This chip has without a doubt come very far. From the slums of Disneyland to the plates on some of the richest people in the world, Doritos have for sure evolved and are for sure here to stay.

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