New Year, New Movies

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New Year, New Movies

Aly Berry (10th), Reporter

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Last year…happened. Whether it was good or bad is up to personal experiences, but it is for certain that an abundance of great movies premiered.

This year is going to be no different. Twenty-Nineteen is going to be an exciting year for movies coming to the big screen.

Here is some of what is to come this year in the entertainment industry!

The next installment of the Toy Story series will be released this year. Toy Story 4 will premiere on June 21. This film will introduce a new character, “Forky,” who tags along with the rest of the group on a road trip.

It has become common in recent years to bring cartoon movies, that we all know and love, to real-life. Three films this year will be “brought to life.”

The Lion King will release on July 19, Dumbo on March 29, and Aladdin on May 24.

A sequel to the popular film, Frozen, will debut this year as well. Frozen 2 is expected to premiere on November 22. This film will have all of the main characters we know traveling deep into the forest to discover more about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.

Superhero movies are also going to be very popular this year.

The third and final film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is expected to release December 20. Star Wars: Episode IX will be the last installment of the Star Wars Skywalker saga.

Marvel is going to introduce a new, powerful heroine to the Avengers crew. On March 8, Captain Marvel will premiere.

This movie will lead to the greatly awaited part two of the Avengers two-part finale. Avengers: Endgame will be released on April 26 and is set to be the last chapter in the MCU’s 22-film collection.

This does not mean Marvel movies will cease to be made. In fact, Spider-man: Far From Home will debut on July 5.

Also, Dark Phoenix will come to theaters on June 7. It will add to the rather large collection of X-men projects, highlighting Jean Grey’s dark persona.

Apart from this, a reboot from the 2004 film, titled Hellboy, will reintroduce this character and will premiere on April 12.

For horror, a sequel to the rebooted It movie will debut on September 6. It: Chapter Two will fast forward twenty-seven years to Pennywise taking a second swing at the Losers’ club.

Another reboot, Pet Sematary, will premiere on April 5 and a sequel to the 2017 film, Happy Death Day, will launch on Valentines Day as Happy Death Day 2U.

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu will premiere on May 10. A film that will star everyone’s favorite little yellow ball of lightning, voiced by everyone’s favorite Canadian anti-hero, Ryan Reynolds.

Following the successful Bohemian Rhapsody movie comes another biographic story about a legend, Elton John. Rocketman will debut on May 31.

A couple comedies will be premiering soon. What Men Want on February 8 and Isn’t It Romantic on Valentine’s day.

When asked about movies coming this year, Giselle Avila, a sophomore at Pitman High School, shared her excitement.

“…I’m most excited for…the new Marvel Avengers 4 Endgame because this is going to be the final film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this current generation and also Avengers is one of those movies that you wish that there was more to it and doesn’t get old and it’s a classic.,” she exclaimed.

There are far more films coming to theaters this year, but these seem to be ones that people are most excited for. So grab some popcorn and enjoy the fictional realities that we all wish we were actually apart of.

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