Myths Our Parents Told Us Growing Up

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Myths Our Parents Told Us Growing Up

Harnaaj Bual (9th), Reporter

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When we are little there are some myths our parents tell us. We still believe some of the myths. Is it our parents’ fault that they told us lies. Not really, sometimes children ask questions that our parents think it is best to lie about it. Some of us still believe these myths like–

If you swallow your gum, it will stay in there for seven years— This is obviously a myth! Swallowing gum is not really harmful, and it doesn’t stay in your stomach for seven years. Your stomach can’t break-down gum like other foods, but your digestive system can move it along normally.

Drinking milk will make your bones stronger— Milk contains a very important ingredient called calcium. It is an ingredient for strong bones and teeth. Milk doesn’t only strengthens your bones but also regulates the heart rhythm and prevents blood clots. There was a study that proved that “people who drank more milk had a higher risk of getting cancer.” But that doesn’t mean you should stop drinking, that only happens because of the lack of Vitamin D.

Eat until you have cleaned your plate— When you were a kid, leaving the table without

finishing the supper was impossible… Our parents would make us sit there until every last bit was eaten. While our parents had good intentions, that might be considered harmful and can cause overeating.

Crossed eyes will get stuck that way– Whether making faces at siblings or goofing off in public, your parents would have told you that your face will get stuck that way. The truth is that there are muscles that allow your eyes to move in any direction, it won’t cause them to stay that way though.

Everyone at Pitman might have some myths that their parents might have told them.

A student here at Pitman, who wishes to remain anonymous, weighs in on this:

“[My parents told me] if I swim too soon after eating, I will cramp up and drown.”

As little kids we believe everything our parents say, until we get older and come of age. Whether our parents are trying to protect their children from some of the harsh facts, or hold up a conversation they aren’t ready to explain yet, or goof around with you, the truth is all parents have told a few white lies to their kids.

It is not your parents’ fault either. Everyone knows taking care of children is no easy task. They need to tell their children white lies in order to get them to behave. So, just cut your parents some slack.

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