Nationalism in America

Tim Sanchez (11th), Reporter

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Nationalism in America is developed off of mixed reviews. Many Americans like to say that nationalism is an outstanding support of their country and it can be used to justify a citizen’s loyalty while residing in America.

Others claim it leads to the support of war and can explain the volatile rivalry of the right and the left wing of politics. Nationalism is divided into two choices patriotism or separation. If you are an advocate or supporter of your country and you pledge your loyalty and fellow allegiance then what a momentous effort.

Many citizens of this country are unaware of the status of troops sent  in other countries to supervise activity.

“America should not get involved in foreign affairs that have no connection to them” said Scott Alvarado a junior here at Pitman.

Destructive procedures that happen to people in other countries caused by Americans make people question their nationalism.

Nationalism is not as patriotic as many would seem. It must be fixed from the clutches of malignant affairs. Culture shouldn’t be controlled by another country under colonization. Nationalism needs to be in the grasp of the people who have a interest in the safety of their country. Nationalism instead of being subtle faces problems and might result in deaths and harm to the loyal citizens.

The tides of nationalism are turning and if it is getting brutal how will the people explain nationalism in the only he knows how. The people don’t believe that nationalism is in the right order if the president makes executive orders that aren’t in the country’s interest.

“Nationalism today is pretty divided it’s not the same anymore because there’s two political parties that are very much popular which is the right and the left but the right and the left used to be at a stable level where they would disagree but they would still be nice about it. But nowadays if you don’t support something that the left doesn’t support they could come and beat you up and possibly kill you “ said Sharly Elyah, a junior here at Piman

Nationalism in the country’s retrospect is skewed as far as the patriotism is concerned will be cornered and taken head on. There are too many people who disagree with how nationalism is shifted. If it were in a polite and approved retrospect.

There are wars that the people of a country don’t agree with. People want their country to be safe and be courteous. They don’t want their leaders to be the predecessors of guile.

The coming up in the world through nationalism needs to commence. A leader is has nothing without the people on side.

Nationalism gives people a new outlook. Something that they have never witnessed before. While there are people that think nationalism is not a heavy burden in the country.

“Some people think America’s identity is white which is false. America was built on not discriminating on race, religion or anything that falls into that category but that’s in the minor right parties. Nationalism today is considered more towards the country’s interest like neo-conservatism. I’d say like getting involved in middle east and getting involved in conflicts we don’t need to get involved is not in the plan. It’s good to be a nationalist in the sense of I like my country, I like the people around me protecting others civil rights. Being a nationalist means following the constitution.” said Scott Alvarado a senior at Pitman

But do countries gain freedom from nationalism? Elyah comments:

“Let’s say that France belongs to the French People not to the British or to the Germans, Africa belongs to the African people it doesn’t belong to the British. National colonization i don’t like that idea because you are forcing a people to accept your culture when they already have a culture.”

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