Pitman’s New Track

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Pitman’s New Track

Emily Ascencio (11th), Reporter

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Pitman High School has been going through a lot of changes this year, but one the biggest things students have noticed is the construction taking place in the field.

Pitman is getting a new track! A few years back the track was originally designed facing the wrong direction; it was facing east to west when it should be facing north to south. The school has decided to fix this error and make a few other improvements as well.

The new track is going to be an all weather track. It will be utilized for many different sports and events. It is going to be used for track meets and practices. Football and soccer practice will also take place there as well. Eventually the school would like to make it a full field.

“The big goal, many years down the road, will eventually be that it’s a full field so it’s fully accessible. We are planning ahead for a scoreboard, we are planning ahead for where bathrooms could be, we are planning ahead for a snack bar, but we will not be putting those in with this track renovation”, explained Principal Freeman.

For now all events and practices will take place at Joe Debely stadium. For further information to come, please ask your coaches about this matter. P.E will take place in the quad area or in the gym. If a fire drill does occur, all classes will line up outside in the quad area in their assigned numbers which are painted on the concrete walkways.

The track was originally set to be done at the end of April, but the weather has been setting the construction back and slowing down the process. It is most likely going to be done by the end of June.

The new track isn’t the only thing the school is getting this year. There are many other improvements to be made here at Pitman.

“There are some improvements that are happening. For example we are getting a new fire alarm system that is going to take place over the summer. We are looking to get fencing in…that will be started to get ready for next school year. We will have fencing all around [the school] and the main entrance will be up at the front office.”

The new fire alarm system is being installed to ensure the safety of the students and staff. This new one will not malfunction at inconvenient times.

The school will no longer be an open campus if the project is approved. The new fencing is not to keep the students in but to keep the danger out. It is also being made to ensure the safety of the students and staff as well.

All the improvements being made this year are for you, the students, to make sure we are all safe and having a fun filled school year. Make sure you take some time out of your day to appreciate the school and staff for everything they do for you and the pride. I hope you look forward to seeing our new and improved school next year.

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