Chuck E. Cheese Controversy

Angeles Vazquez (9th), Reporter

A food that is adored by many Americans is pizza, a savory dish of Italy that we have completely disgraced. We all know how pizza looks likes and how it’s made. Pizza is not hard to bake, there are just some simple steps to making one. Pizza is a very popular dish and many people have eaten it and know about it. Pizza comes in a variety of toppings and sizes, but how Chuck E Cheese makes it is very different, interesting, and even questionable.

Shane Dawson, a YouTuber that occasionally makes conspiracy videos, recently made a conspiracy about Chuck E Cheese pizza. His conspiracy was that, what if Chuck E Cheese is recycling pizza, forming a new one, reheating it, and serving it to other customers? Now there have been many photos of Chuck E Cheese pizza being different shapes and sizes. There was pieces that were longer than the other and pieces that were shorter. This is the foundation of the conspiracy.

Shane had stated that he knew someone that had worked at Chuck E Cheese, but she would not confirm nor deny that this happened. He also said, “but she also could have been lying, and who knows.” He also stated that in the past they were sued for doing this exact same thing. A lot of YouTubers went to Chuck E Cheese after Shane’s video to see for themselves and had gotten a pizza that was just not right.

Many other people said that maybe since they do a lot of half pizzas such as half pepperoni and half cheese, they use the halves and combine them. Chuck E Cheese responded to Shane’s video and stated, “No conspiracy here our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.” A lot of people are worried for Shane because they don’t want him to get sued.

Chuck E Cheese is blowing up because of this conspiracy and is now one of the top searches on Google. Google also announced that it will not recommend videos that promoted conspiracy theories or content that could misinform people. These other YouTubers that are going to Chuck E Cheese are also the reason that this conspiracy is blowing up. They have also received pizzas that were deformed or of different sizes.   

This whole big conspiracy lead to Chuck E Cheese have the publicity it needed. Shane has not yet talked about this situation or if he might be getting sued but all his fans are hoping he is going to be alright. The next time you go to Chuck E Cheese just make sure you don’t get something that is out of the ordinary.