Captain Marvel: The Movie’s Role in MCU

Aly Berry (10th), Reporter


Who in the heck is Captain Marvel and why is she relevant to the plot of Endgame?

This is what I asked myself, being a big fan of Marvel movies, but not enough to have read the comics. This puts me in a funny situation every time a new character is introduced. Bigger fans gasp because they are excited for the character to be introduced, while I gasp because, wow, that guy is hot.

So at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, when a symbol appeared on Fury’s ancient pager, I was only looking around in confusion while everyone else around me cheered in excitement.

Well, if I didn’t know who Captain Marvel was then, I will surely remember her forever now.

Between action packed scenes, heartfelt moments, and the answer of how Fury lost his eye, I’d say this is a Marvel movie on the top of many people’s ‘favorite’ list.

We meet Captain Marvel, better known as Carol Danvers on Earth, while she’s in the middle of a mission to save a spy for the current alien planet she is habitating on.

While on her mission, she finds herself in some…complications, to say the least, that ultimately lead her to her old home, Earth. Other than vague memories, she does not remember the life she formerly had on Earth.

Accompanying her and a pre-mutilated Nick Fury on a bumpy ride, we see Captain Marvel juggling her own identity, deciding who she can trust, and fighting the bad guys who she isn’t completely sure are the bad guys but then gets confused on if her side are the bad guys.

It’s just a little complicated, but nothing Carol Danvers can’t handle.

The post-credit scene of this movie seems to be a scene from Avengers: Endgame, where Captain Marvel returns to Earth in response to Nick Fury’s distress call. Some aspects of the scene imply that Captain Marvel appears towards the very beginning of the next movie.

One theory on Captain Marvel’s role in Endgame is that her powers are connected to the space stone and therefore, she might be able to destroy it.

Another has to deal with the constant theory that the Avengers are traveling back in time and Captain Marvel might be how the heroes are able to do this.

Austin Lobue, a Senior at Pitman High School, was very eager to share his opinions on Captain Marvel’s role in the MCU.

“If you stayed till the end credits as every Marvel movie fan knows, there is a scene at the end. In the end of Infinity War, Fury had paged Captain Marvel and it is obvious that she will then help and join the Avengers Initiative. I still think she will be a big character against Thanos but she will not kill Thanos,” he stated.

Big or small, Captain Marvel will have a role in Avengers: Endgame, and with her apart of the team, we can all be a little more confident in the Avengers’ coming out victorious.