Environmental Issues of Today

Environmental Issues of Today

Harnaaj Bual (9th), Reporter

There are a lot of problems our environment is facing. Any human activity has its side effects. We can define environmental issues as the harmful effects of human activity. Global Warming, Pollution, Overpopulation, Deforestation are some to name a few. These issues make a big impact all over the world. These not only affect humans but animals too. Many animals die of swallowing plastic bags  that end up in water like turtles.

One major type of issue that the whole world is facing is Pollution. There are many types of Pollution like Water Pollution, Air Pollution, and Land Pollution.

Water Pollution— With all the natural water resources depleting and the rest of the water getting dirty is called Water Pollution. It is usually a result of human activity.  Water Pollution is when contaminates are introduced into the water.

Air Pollution— Air Pollution is when a mixture of contaminants are released into the air making it not safe to breathe. Breathing polluted air has many dangerous effects. It puts at a greater risk for asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Deforestation- It means the same as it sounds. It is the removal of forests or a pack of trees from a place. Logging and Overpopulation are the two main causes of Deforestation. These two causes are related to each other. Deforestation in the forested areas starts with human settlements growing in or near the forest areas, so some people end up Logging which is illegally cutting trees.

Water Scarcity– Also known as Drought. It is one of the most important environmental issues. Many places like Ethiopia and Sudan are affected by drought every year. During dry and hot weather periods droughts are very common. Human acts such as deforestation, and wastage of water in huge amounts also cause Droughts.

One of the biggest issue the world is facing today is Overpopulation. The world’s population is reaching extreme heights is becoming a problem for the whole world. The world is facing shortage of natural resources like water, fuel and food. Increasing population in less developed countries are already facing the scarcity of these natural resources.

Freshmen Claire Westbrook gave her opinion on this topic.

She stated, “Overpopulation is an issue that many do not address. This increases the population of the earth. Providing education about reproduction will decrease the amount of pregnancies. If families limited the amount of kids they have the population will lower. Lastly, another way to prevent the population overgrowth is to provide safe, legal abortions.”

From Global Warming to Overpopulation there are many topics we still don’t know much about. Humans are the ones responsible for more than half of the issues the environment is facing today.  Most of the time we don’t do anything about it, rather than helping we are making it worse. To get rid of the environmental issues we need to protect our environment and not take any actions that will damage it.