FFA Week Here at Pitman!

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FFA Week Here at Pitman!

Nathalie Hernandez (11th), Reporter

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Welcome back from the President’s Day weekend! FFA came back ready to go with FFA Week! FFA is involved in extracurricular activities on and off of Pitman’s campus. To be part of FFA you need to be part of an agriculture class in Pitman.The agriculture classes at Pitman are very hands-on classes which involve agriculture like gardening.

FFA is based on a SAE project which stands for Supervised Agriculture Experience which is a project that comes into FFA where the project is to show animals, plants, and you present your final project at the Turlock annual FAIR for example.

Kekoa Souza is the Chapman President of the FFA club at Pitman High School. Kekoa Souza said that FFA week was pretty much like a homecoming for FFA in order to raise awareness for AG, he feels like agriculture is taken advantage of almost at every job which all require AG.

FFA Week took place from Tuesday- Friday. No dress up days were included, but FFA Day on Thursday according to Souza was  the biggest day of the week hopefully boosting enrollment in members, bringing tractors and animals which draws attention to students and sticks to their brain better than just posters advertising FFA.

The “Kiss the Donkey Contest” was a big deal which was too draw attention to staff, administration, and teachers to engage them in FFA. The two staff members being Mr. Suarez, a history teacher, and Mrs. Freeman being the principal.

Junior FFA members: Kai Bourchier, Taylor Lopes, and Martin Angulo gave us their opinions on FFA Week.

Kai Bourchier happily said, “To be part of FFA it means to be able to make friends, get new experiences, and be with good AG teachers.”

Taylor Lopes said, “Being part of FFA is being able to get involved in the community and meeting new people.”

Martin Angulo felt like being part of FFA was being able to be more involved with the community getting hands on experience with agriculture, as well as meeting other people in FFA.

Bouchier and Lopes, excitedly both said at the same time, “Seeing the animals they brought to school was our favorite part of FFA week!”

Hector Flores, the chapman vice-president, feels amazing to see students exposed to the AG industry and what the classes offer.

Bourchier commented at the end that being part of FFA brings good experiences being involved with fellow chapter members.

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