New Star Wars Land Coming to Disney

New Star Wars Land Coming to Disney

Sara Mendes (11th), Reporter

“Together we can rule the galaxy”- Darth Vader. By the title and the quote, I’m pretty sure you can tell what we’ll be talking about. Yes the rumors and pictures are true, sometime in June Disneyland Parks will be adding a new addition to the park, Star Wars Land.

I can only imagine how excited all the Star Wars fans are about it. I’m not going to lie that I’m pretty excited myself and I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan alive.

Now, the official name of it is Star Wars: Galaxy Edge and it will be in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California while also opening up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. This whole new park is going to be huge coming in at a whopping fourteen acres of land. While there is no official date, the park should be opening up in the month of June, but in Florida it won’t open until late fall.

Either way it’s going to be insane when it opens, so if you are planning to visit when it does open start your planning now. In any case it’s not too early to plan. Now what should we expect to see in this exciting new attraction?

We should probably start with food because that’s the most important thing. What’s different with the food here compared to the regular Disneyland staples like churros and giant turkey legs is that they will be selling more alien themed food and drinks to go along with the whole journey you are taking.

I personally think that’s amazing because when you do go to Disneyland, right now Tomorrowland is the headquarters of all space related and themed stuff like the aliens. A lot of the food that you see in Tomorrowland is alien themed, such as popcorn buckets in the shape of the aliens from Toy Story and all the employees are dressed in Star Wars themed uniforms.

Now, the rides that we should expect. One of the rides that you will see is the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. The entire idea of this ride sounds incredible. The whole process of the ride is you’re the pilot of the famous Millennium Falcon and you fly though the galaxy fighting off enemies.

Another ride goes by the name of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. It is described as a trackless dark ride and a race against time between the First Order and The Resistance. The main climax of the ride is where you battle the villain Kylo Ren. Both of these rides sound fascinating and awesome.

Honestly the whole idea of this new land is crazy but yet marvelous at the same time. I definitely think that this is going to bring so many more people to both parks, especially hardcore Star Wars fans. Just remember to start planning ahead and have fun exploring Star Wars: Galaxy Edge!