President’s Day

Tim Sanchez (11th), Reporter

On February 18th, President’s Day commenced as many Americans from across the fifty states discussed among others who their favorite presidents were. There have been forty-five presidents in this country and all of them play an enormous part of history. The presidents from Washington to Trump all have something in common- they all have maintained to keep the country in stability and leadership when the entire world observe their presidencies. Even though the national holiday is celebrated on February 18th, a majority of the American people commence the holiday from February 15th through the 21st. The day gives way to many of the presidents who are either alive or dead. Which at the time of this article, there are four former presidents who are still alive to this day.

President George Washington became the first president of this country. Before he was the president he was the general of the continental army in the revolutionary war and he also was a slavemaster. The foundation of America was under the colonization of the thirteen colonies that were dominated by the British and King George lll. American maintained their freedom by constantly trying every attempt they could to send a message to the King of Britain including the declaration of independence. After years of fighting a war America achieved their independence.

American nationalists stood behind their president as the equal protector of their freedom. The Presidency is one of the highest positions of power in America. Some candidates for presidents will do whatever is necessary to grasp the dominion that the obligation brings. Presidents are law enforcers also and they make new laws,create laws, and inflict change. The people are the presidents strength. America has carried on the its laws, rules and regulations because of the president. The President is important to be a ruler. Their not called leaders they are called ministers of country.

Presidents in America go under a creed which is one nation under god indivisible.

Religion in America has decreased. Some presidents as the people describes are speaking vulgarities or doing unspeakable acts that are ungodly. Regardless of the matter of matters that are difficult to explain, president still get the utmost respect every meeting at the United Nations. Presidents share a equal responsibility when it comes to honoring their god that they pledged to. Considering they take an oath before taking office. God plays a vivid role in the involvement of the United States presidency.

Only four presidents have been assassinated for their type of politics (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK). President’s Day has declined over the years because of the horrible presidential truths that presidents have not done a good at either covering up or hiding it. Presidents that have loyalty and admiration for their country are more seen as the main leaders for people  to place their attention on. Presidents fight to keep their country from becoming volatile and vulnerable. Presidents before their terms are usually serving in positions that match up to the same grasp that the presidents. Presidents conquer what stands in their way. President’s Day is an invitation to find more information on the forty-five presidents in America