Taking Your Parents for Granted

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Taking Your Parents for Granted

Paola Angel (9th), Reporter

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Between taking us from point A to B to buying us everything we need, it’s easy to see how much our parents do for us. And of course us being the “busy” teenagers we are, sometimes everything our parents do for us can go unrecognized. It’s almost as if we rely on our parents so much that without them we would be completely and utterly lost.

Now for some that may not be the case. You know the teenager or young adult might be the one in control, in the sense of taking care and being the mature one that is.

As for the rest of us, our parents are usually the ones doing all the work. By that I mean, doing everything and anything they can to make sure we, their kids are happy and healthy. Like I was saying earlier, sometimes our lives as teens can get a little hectic and all the work our parents do for us may go unappreciated or sometimes may even get taken for granted.

This can honestly just be seen in the little things, you know the bare minimum. For example, I know that for me the confusion between “I want”and “I need” is very real. I like to ask for what I want, when really I already have all that I need. For some that can just be seen as a matter of interest for things you desire. But the truth is that our parents work very hard to be able to get us what we need, it can be a little selfish for us to keep asking for things we don’t need.

Freshman Anthony Manzo was very interested in the topic. After asking him a series of questions in regards to taking one’s parents for granted his quite extensive response was,

“I don’t think that I take my parents for granted. I realize all they do and sacrifice just to make me happy and I am grateful for it everyday. I do see people who take their parents for granted and it makes me feel sad that they don’t realize all the love their parents give them. I would agree that having a bad relationship with a or both parents could influence an ungrateful behavior towards them. When one has a bad relationship with a parent it makes you want to rebel against them and see only negative things within them. It blinds you from all the good they do for you.”

That being said, there are also adolescents that don’t think they take their parents for granted. In a way Mr. Manzo can be right in thinking he doesn’t take his parents for granted but at the end of the day is there really any way to repay our parents for all of their hard work?

The obvious answer to that is a solid NO. So, whenever you have any free time from the very busy life you call you day to day, make sure to thank your parents because, after all they did give you life and they only want the best for you.

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