Why Take Journalism?

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Why Take Journalism?

Nathalie Hernandez (11th), Reporter

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Journalism: the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.” Here at Pitman we have a Journalism class and we produce our paper being “The Roaring Times.”

The Roaring Times is printed monthly being our school newspaper and we are also online at https://www.pitmanroaringtimes.com/ .

We cover news on Pitman life, international news, entertainment, Pride Time survey, blog posts from the editors, sci-health and tech, and also reference articles. All of our articles are posted online and you can choose to read different kinds of articles based on your interest rather than the newspaper which limits you to only certain types of  articles.

Journalism class is a place where you can write things that you’re interested in and you relate it to the school or Turlock since it’s the school newspaper. When you join the class you learn how to become a journalism reporter for the school. You become part of the Roaring Times Staff.

The ones who lead the class are the advisor being Mrs. Hall and the editors. There is three editors: the marketing editor, the design editor, and the regular editor. Then if you were to join to Journalism you’d be a reporter for the school newspaper, you write articles on your interest and you interview students at Pitman or anyone else based on your topic.

Your writing skills increase and get better, you get to experiment on different kinds of writing in Journalism. You get to challenge yourself by writing on different topics for example you can write about sports going on at the school and be informed first hand. You can get to know the sport,the team members and how they feel about it.

Being part of journalism is like being part of everything but being in only one class. You get to write about things you like, or inform yourself about club events, sports, band concerts ultimately anything that goes in school.

Timothy Sanchez, a reporter for the roaring times, gave us his insight on Journalism.

Sanchez thinks people should take Journalism, “Because it’s an opportunity to write and basically be the person giving people information on things throughout the world and you’re the one finding it out.”

He knows what Journalism is because he first asked his mom but now has been part of Journalism since freshman year, now a junior reporter.

He describes the Journalism class as: “It’s basically the news where you are the owner searching for people giving people a reason to read the newspaper or online website basically telling them the paper’s articles newspaper and the roaring time basically.”

“What made me be part of the class mainly  was because it had something to do with writing and news, and I asked my mom it has something to do with the news and I said sign me up when I saw it on the ballot. Also because I was writing songs in junior high so he wanted something to do with writing,” Sanchez continued.

Lastly he commented “Journalism rocks,” happily.

Journalism is a place where people unite through writing and reporting on news basing it on Pitman or somewhat back to it’s students, it’s ultimately a school newspaper. We report on different kinds of events. Even if you’re not part of Journalism you can send articles to us and we can have them posted in the school newspaper.

Like Timothy Sanchez he enjoys writing and writing songs, so he can write about music and artists based topics. If you join the class you can write your opinion on things you like and make journalism buddies.

Show pride and read our newspaper! Pitman’s Journalism Class thanks all those who take the time to read our articles! We print our monthly articles which should be available in the library or online at www.pitmanroaringtimes.com!  We also have our instagram page: @pitmanroaringtimes! Don’t get behind, read The Roaring Times!

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