Good Shows that Overstayed Their Welcome


Aly Berry (10th), Reporter

This is going to be extremely hard for me, seeing as I thoroughly enjoy most of the shows on this list, but I can admit when a good thing turns bad.

Sometimes, even the best things need to wave a white flag and admit defeat. These shows are the definition of something that should have quit while they were ahead.


The Vampire Diaries –

The Vampire Diaries, was a eight season long series full of vampires, werewolves, Paul Wesley, love, friendship, Paul Wesley, actual good vampire makeup, and Paul Wesley.

Like many hit shows, this series only got better as it matured, but eventually, things became a little redundant.

‘Damon, I love you.’ ‘Elena, I am bad for you, I’m a bad guy.’ *proceeds to do good guy things and find every way imaginable to be next to Elena*

Also, clearly seeing Stefan is the better guy all around, Elena chooses to go with the Salvatore who once killed her brother. She truly does make some winning decisions.

Although these redundancies and annoyances make us fans of the show more of a community, as we all laugh about it together, there comes a point where it’s time to wrap things up.

Arguably, the show hit a dead end when the main character decided to go all ‘sleeping-beauty-without-the-true-loves-kiss’ on us just to stop having to repeat ‘I don’t care if I die, I want to save everyone’ after five seasons.

Julia Berry, a graduate from Pitman High School, had a lot to say about this show that she obsesses over and has re-watched a double-digit amount of times.

“It should have ended the sixth season because the main character left the show,” she stated.


Pretty Little Liars –

Pretty Little Liars really was a good thing. It incorporated mystery, drama, and romance. It was ultimately a masterpiece amongst teen shows.

That is, until they played the ‘just kidding, there’s another -A’ game far too many times.

After season five, even the biggest fans were a little tired of seeing history repeat itself. The end season and the final ‘-A’ seemed to be the organization grasping for anything to keep the last season interesting but all it really felt like was the last-minute ending to a fifth graders ‘free-write’.

Most fans can agree that we would have preferred the biggest ‘-A’ reveal to be one of the Liars or someone that would make us gasp in shock, not somebody who made us ask, ‘who’?


Grey’s Anatomy –

This show is still.going.on.

After fifteen seasons, viewers of the show must see watching it as an obligation, rather than a privilege. Similar to going to a family gathering, most don’t really want to, but you’ve been going this long, so might as well keep it up.

In addition, killing off main characters really adds an aspect to a show, making it feel like you lost someone of your own. But Grey’s Anatomy is out here killing everyone that loses ‘eeny-meeny-miney-moe’.

Zandria Salyer, a sophomore at Pitman High School, has a similar opinion on when the show should have stopped.

“It should have ended about the fifth or so season because after Izzy and George died there wasn’t an actual setting of the story the main focus was the friendships and relationships of Meredith Grey and after Izzy, George, and Christina leaving the hospital it wasn’t really based on any of that anymore,” she explains.


Thirteen Reasons Why –

The first season was emotional and spoke out about subjects that potentially needed to be talked about in public.

The second season, on the other hand, confused everyone on why it existed.

Some shows are just not meant to be a series, one season is enough and it almost makes more of a statement that way. The second season was full of flashbacks and scenes that would have made more sense in the first season.

It was called Thirteen Reasons Why, not Twenty-Six Reasons Why and Counting.


The Office, and The Walking Dead –

Hear me out.

The Office was a really good show, until they got rid of the man who made it what it was. Once Michael Scott was replaced, they basically pulled their own plug.

The Walking Dead is also still. going. on.

Another repetitive series, where the main characters find a new place to live, get pushed out by a bad guy, die, mourn the death for two seconds, and repeat.


These shows had their shining moments but they either overstayed their hype or are still trying to remain relevant today. Unlike these series, I won’t make this article any longer than it needs to be.