Pet Peeves in the Classroom

Pet Peeves in the Classroom

Nathalie Hernandez (11th), Reporter

You’re sitting in the classroom, listening to your teacher say “Okay class, pay close attention because this will be on the test.” You’re listening closely… when suddenly you hear the group behind you laughing loudly and you can’t listen to the teacher! Ugh, how frustrating!

That’s what you call a pet peeve. According to, a pet peeve is, “Something that a particular person finds especially annoying.”

Everyone has pet peeves and they’re definitely present in the classroom.

Some pet peeves in a classroom can be when someone is chewing gum loudly,  which is terribly distracting! Or when you’re getting ready to present and your friends are trying to make you laugh- okay that is a little funny…

Another pet peeve is when you whisper the right answer quietly and someone else says it louder and then they get the credit. What a bummer! Okay we’ve got to admit, in every classroom there is what you can call the “Teacher’s Pet”,  or the teacher’s favorite student, who gets all the attention. That teacher’s pet can definitely be annoying for the whole class!

Some things can definitely be unjust in the classroom, for example, when the teacher is teaching and your partners are the ones distracting you, and you get in trouble for it! Definitely a pet peeve.

You pull out a new gum packet and everyone asks for some. Ugh! It leads you to think, “I never should’ve pulled that gum packet out!” Sooner or later,  you have no gum left. But what is even worse is when you ask someone for a piece of gum knowing they have gum and they say “sorry this was my last piece”. Yeah right!

This can go both ways but then their is the:seating chart. You and your partner are starting to get really close and then the teacher moves you… Or when your group is awful quiet and you want to change seats but that’s your seat for the rest of the year…

What about group projects? So unfair there usually is one person who does none of the work and the other one who does it all…

A sophmore Pitman student Karely Gutierrez also had her opinions on pet peeves!

Karely Gutierrez considered a pet peeve to be, “Something that happens that a person usually finds annoying or they don’t like.”

Some pet peeves she finds in the classroom are, “Probably when the class is told to be quiet and they keep talking. Or when you’re trying to focus on your work and somebody keeps disturbing you repeatedly.”

Like students have their pet peeves, so do teachers!

Mrs. Humphres, an eleventh grade English teacher, gave her input on pet peeves in the classroom.

“[My pet peeves are] side-talking when giving directions since I feel I give extra time to talk in class but feel like instructions are important,” Mrs. Humphres said thoughtfully.

“[Some pet peeves in the classroom are] students not taking responsibility for themselves, like completing homework or assignments on time,” she added vividly.

Ultimately we all have our pet peeves in the classroom, both teachers and students.

Be patient Pitman! Stay responsible in class, and don’t bother your partners with pet peeves!