Drive into a Movie with Pitman’s Motor Club!


Loren Bostrom (11th), Reporter

Do you want a new way to watch movies other than at home or the theatre? The Pitman Turlock Motor Club has had a drive-in movie on May 17 to start up the club and raise money for more events. The admission was five dollars to help events like this continue.  

Eilbrone Poolis is the president of this new club on campus. Poolis is a senior at Pitman who wants to end his high school year off by leading a new club. The club is also run by Mr. Farhadian, the club supervisor.

“Motor club is to get people closer together to learn more about vehicles. And we’re trying to build a community, like a strong community. Our drive-in is the first step in building our community,” said Poolis.

This event is made to kickstart the new club. The proceeds will go to the club to throw more events and for them to get more supplies and do more things.

It is a good idea to participate and support local clubs. Clubs look good on college applications because it shows you are involved in your community. When you support local clubs, you are helping out fellow students to prosper in their extracurricular activities.  Clubs are also good because they help you find your own interests, help you meet new people, and keep you from being bored at home.

Motor Club meetings are monthly and it’s never too late to join. You may find out that you really enjoy mechanics or you may make a couple good friends.