Juniors Going Into Senior Year


Sara Mendes (11th), Reporter

Calling all juniors!! We’re all going to be seniors next year. It is finally going to be the end of our four years of high school. I think we can all remember when we were freshmen and we thought high school was going to take forever to get through. However, here we are in the last month of our junior year. You all have a reason to be scared, happy or even sad, but I personally feel like we should make the most of it!!

First, I’d like to give my opinion on how I feel about the change since I am a junior. I feel very scared, but also excited because it’s the last year of high school. It’s also scary because you’re faced with a lot more responsibilities. I mean, we are going into the highest grade of high school and we’re possibly turning eighteen, making us adults. It’s a scary thought, at least in my head, and probably in everyone else’s head. I do look forward to making the most out of my senior year and I’m very excited to see what it has in store for me.

We went out and decided to see how other juniors felt about heading into senior year! One such junior is Alyssa Robinson. Let’s see how she felt!

“I feel excited because it’s the last year of high school, but also scared because you have to get ready for college. That’s really tough because most of the time people don’t know what they’re going to do,” Robinson commented.

I have to agree with Robinson because what she had to say all together is very true and it’s a very stressful thing.

“I am scared about after high school because that’s when everything becomes ‘real’ in a sense, and you’re getting ready for the real world and what it’s going to bring you in life.”

Again everything she had to say is correct because everyone always says high school is preparing you for the real world, and it’s very difficult to prepare for the future.

Robinson concluded, “Lastly I look forward to having fun my last year of high school and mainly going on the senior trip with some of my closest friends to Disneyland!”

What Robinson had to say is very good and I agree with her about the Disneyland trip and making all the memories with your closest friends

We also interviewed another junior here at Pitman High named Anmol Singh about how he has been feeling about the new school year

“ I personally feel prepared and ready for my senior year,” Singh said.

I have to give him props for that because I’m definitely not ready for my senior year!

“ I feel like I’m ready for the real world as they say. I think it should be fun.I’m looking forward to ending it off right and have everything planned out,” Singh stated.

What Singh had to say in his interview was all very good and well put. Hopefully his senior year goes well for him!

Now, juniors make the best out of your senior year and just have fun with your friends. Make all the memories you can. After all, it’s our last year 🙂 We got this!