Pitman Changes Over the Summer

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Pitman Changes Over the Summer

Angeles Vasquez (9th), Reporter

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Pitman is undergoing a lot of changes over the summer that many students are eagerly anticipating. The next school year will have amazing additions and many things in store for the student body. All of the changes will provide a new opportunity for Pitman students and staff to excel. Pitman will be improved in functionality and culture.

The new additions Pitman students are most excited for are the food truck next to the girls locker room and the culinary arts room being remodeled. The other new changes Pitman is having are the new fire alarm, the fencing around the school, and the front office remodel.

Administration believes that these new developments  are going to help the school increase learning potential and minimize future dilemmas that impede classroom time. Also it will make the school look nice and brand new, which will make other students want to transfer to Pitman.

These new additions can help the school in many ways. The new fencing around the school will help the students and the school be more safe. Also because a lot of students dich so this can keep the students in.

The office and culinary arts remodeling can help the staff, parents, and students because it will make the school look fresh, and we will have new facilities for students.  Finally, the food truck that many are most excited for will help the students have more food choices and room to get a nice meal.

Leslie Ibarra, a freshman at Pitman High school stated, “I really like the new changes about this school. This school is lacking stuff but with the changes, Pitman is getting better.”

She also said, “I do like the new improvements because it makes the school better but this school still needs more improvements.”

Shanna Chand, another freshman at Pitman High School said, “I’m excited for the ‘food truck’ and hopefully it’s real and has good food. Also the remodeling and fencing will add slight improvements to the school.”

Another thing she stated was, “The food truck is a ten out of ten ‘yes’ because it’s food. The fencing is good for safety and the other things will add good improvements.”

These changes will benefit the school a lot and help motivate students to come to school. These improvements are great and many students and teachers are already loving them. This can really change how people look at Pitman and how hard working this school is for these amazing changes. Many students are excited for next year and this can really make the next school year more fun, better, and exciting.